127 million pixels Sony releases ultra-high-pixel industrial sensors

   According to the product list released by Sony sensor distributor ROSEEK, there is a sensor named IMX661 series with 127 million pixels, a frame size of 3.6″, and a resolution of up to 13400*9530, the highest frame rate is 15fps, adopts global shutter, and provides black and white and color versions. It is worth mentioning that the following two models may be of interest to Fuji users.


  IMX342LQA-C: 31.49MPAPS-C global shutter sensor, maximum 35.4fps IMX661LQA-C: 127MP 3.6 inch global shutter sensor , Maximum 15fps


   The current Fuji GFX sensor is 3.4 inches, so it is slightly different from the 3.6-inch IMX661LQA-C listed above. Guess the future Fuji medium format The GFX100 successor and Fuji’s flagship APS-C format mirrorless X-H2 will use the above sensors.

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