6 easy-to-ignore details to add grand prospects to landscape photography

   Photographer Nigel Danson is a landscape photographer from the United Kingdom. He likes to use foreground shooting in landscape photography. In this article, he shares the biggest influence factors on the photos when shooting the foreground.


  The foreground can make an ordinary scene look great, and With some simple tips and tricks, you can use this technique to improve photos. I tend to shoot with a 14-30mm ultra-wide-angle lens on the Nikon Z7, but in fact, the 24mm end of 24-70mm is sufficient.

   Then, how do I find and photograph the foreground?

   put the lens down

   When using a wide-angle lens to shoot the foreground, it is very important to point the camera downward. I like to shoot vertically and go over the top of the subject like this one.


  Consider the height of the machine position

   in Shooting at different heights has a great influence on the result of the scene. Choosing the right angle will help create a sense of space.


   start with a simple foreground

   like Like most things, simplicity is the best. I think this is particularly important for foreground shooting, generally people tend to read images from bottom to top. During the blue hours in the morning, I was attracted by the cold outlook of Iceland.


  Find the pattern

  The pattern in the foreground It looks good. You can look for repetitive patterns in grass, rocks, sand or any object you take.

  Find something special

  My favorite prospect is something powerful and special. It may be some leaves, such as this fern or protruding rocks. At the same time, pay attention to the surrounding environment and make sure that nothing else interferes.


  Middle shot considerations

   put the foreground Connect with space. As I have mentioned above, the sense of space in the picture will vary greatly with the height of your shooting.


   Therefore, very It is necessary to carefully consider the content between the prospect and the prospect.

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