61MP annual masterpiece Sony full-frame mirrorless Alpha 7R IV review

   The last time Sony released Alpha 7R III is still vivid, and almost two years have passed in a blink of an eye. On July 17, 2019, Sony’s latest generation of full-frame mirrorless Alpha 7R series new product Alpha 7R IV was officially officially launched Announced, this new model with 61 million effective pixels is impressive in terms of its handling, image quality, and performance. So if you want to get the most intuitive understanding of the specific improvements and changes in Alpha 7R IV this time, let us first browse the main features of this time;


  ●The newly developed full-frame Exmor R CMOS back-illuminated image sensor with approximately 61 million effective pixels is equipped with a new generation of BIONZ X image processor.

  ●With 15 levels of dynamic range at low sensitivity, the gradation from shadows to highlights in the picture is smooth and natural.

  ●In full-frame mode, high-speed continuous shooting of 10 frames per second can be achieved, and continuous shooting can be sustained for about 7 seconds through the increased buffer; in APS-C format mode, the continuous shooting time is approximately the same as that in full-frame mode. 3 times.

  ●567 phase detection focus points cover about 74% of the viewing area, and 425 contrast detection focus points.

  ●For the first time, it supports real-time eye focus in video mode, and the static image supports real-time eye focus and real-time tracking.

  ●APS-C crop shooting mode, up to 26.2 million pixels.

  ● 5.76 million dots UXGAOLED Tru-Finder electronic viewfinder, with excellent details, brightness and contrast.

  ●Connectivity and operability are further improved, including high-speed Wi-Fi, wireless PC remote connection, FTP wireless transmission, USB data transmission, etc.

  ●Professional 4K video shooting function, including 4K video generation in Super 35mm mode with full pixel reading without pixel binning, S-Log3, HDR workflow, etc.

  ●The Mi multi-interface hot shoe supports digital audio interface for the first time, and can be used with the new ECM-B1M microphone and XLR-K3M microphone adapter set to obtain excellent recording effects.

  ●The body design is more professional, and the handle and button design are improved to achieve more professional and convenient control on the compact and portable body.


   Overall, the Sony Alpha 7R IV this time In addition to the improvement in 61 million effective pixels, many improvements have been made in the body design and handling. It truly achieves a good balance between high performance and high speed. It provides professional users with high-quality images comparable to medium-format image output while also having high-speed focus continuous shooting performance, which is extremely important for the photographer’s work of.

  Appearance part


   First of all, let’s start with the appearance of the Sony Alpha 7R IV. In fact, this time the body Compared with the previous generations of products, there are still many changes. Of course, from the front, the design is still black and tough. The most significant change is the Sony Alpha 7R IV handle. The wider handle adds to the body itself. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the feel of the Sony Alpha 7R IV this time is the best in history.


   carefully observe the control panel on the back of the fuselage and the keys actually happen Some changes, the general control layout is still the same as the previous generations, except that the shape of the function buttons and the touch of the buttons have been designed differently. The increase in the area of ​​a single button makes the operation easier, and the touch and feedback of the buttons are also more powerful. For comfort, the change of the joystick buttons makes the operation more convenient.


   Come again to see the shoulder of Sony Alpha 7R IV, this time a new exposure mode dial lock button has been added to prevent misoperation. The nameplate and 4K logo on the left shoulder are very eye-catching.


   For the LCD screen, the Sony Alpha 7R IV uses a reversible folding LCD screen, which is no different from the previous generation, but with 5.69 million pixels of electronic viewfinder Compared with the 3.69 million pixels of the previous generation Sony Alpha 7R III, the resolution has been improved to a certain extent, and the resolution is also about 1.6 times that of Alpha 7R III.


  The number of data ports on the side of the fuselage Sony Alpha 7R IV is almost the same as the previous generation, two USB ports, mini HDMI, headphone monitor hole, microphone and flash The synchronization terminal interface has only undergone some changes in the arrangement sequence. As for the card slots, the arrangement of the memory cards has changed this time, with the No. 1 main card slot above. In order to support the new generation of high-resolution sensors, the dual card slots support UHS-II standards. The opening method of the card warehouse has also changed, changing from the opening method of the card warehouse lock of the previous generation to a direct push.


   The bottom of the Sony Alpha 7R IV is marked with its place of origin and body number, the camera holder quick-mounting hole, and the battery compartment. The battery model used is still the NP-FZ100 battery, and the battery life is 670 frames in the standard display. The LCD screen viewfinder and the electronic viewfinder view view are about 530 frames. After testing, it is basically enough for a day’s normal shooting time.

   Sensitivity Test

   As a high-definition camera with 61 million pixels, users are more concerned about the high-sensitivity, image quality performance noise, etc. . Therefore, in order to better understand the ISO performance of Sony Alpha 7R IV, before the test, I turned off the in-camera anti-shake and in-camera noise reduction functions.


   In the case of ISO100, Sony Alpha 7R IV’s high pixels Basically, the details can be restored very well, and the color saturation is good. With the increase in sensitivity, the noise gradually appears. It is not obvious in the range of ISO1600. It is still available even when it comes to ISO6400. This shows that Sony The high-sensitivity noise control of Alpha 7R IV is still good.

   Tolerance test

   After the high-sensitivity noise control ability, the low-sensitivity performance is also very worth testing, because according to the official Sony Alpha 7R IV has 15 levels at low sensitivity The dynamic range makes the transition from shadows to highlights in the picture smooth and natural. So in the actual test, I used a constant ISO 100, adjusted the shutter in full gear and pulled back to the normal exposure through the post software, and took 100% interception to view the details.


   In the test, we observe from -1 to -5EV In the range of constant ISO100, under-exposure picture effect in low-sensitivity state. Even if it is under-exposed, the performance of tolerance is still good, even in the case of -5EV, there are still very good picture details, and the noise of the photo is still kept at a low level.

  Continuous shooting performance focusing test


   Sony This time, Alpha 7R IV has not only improved pixels. In full-frame mode, it has a high-speed continuous shooting performance of 10 frames per second. It can last about 7 seconds in AF/AE tracking full-pixel mode. In addition, in APS- The shooting time in C crop mode can be increased to 3 times. The performance of this high-speed continuous shooting with real-time tracking is particularly remarkable, even moving objects can be easily captured and focused. The real-time eye focus function, which has been widely used in Sony imaging products this year, is also well inherited on the Sony Alpha 7R IV. This function supports human and animal eye recognition and focus, and can be set in the corresponding menu of the body according to different subjects.


  APS-C crop shooting mode


   As mentioned earlier, the Sony Alpha 7R IV also has an APS-C crop mode. The cropped pixels can also reach 26.2 million effective pixels, which is basically the current mainstream APS-C format. The pixel level of the camera, then let’s take a look at the difference and performance before and after cropping.


   before cutting


  APS-C After the mode is cropped

   Under the premise of 61 million native high pixels, there is a lot of room for the post-cropping process. Only in the crop mode, the details of the picture are still well preserved. , The resolution is still sufficient.

  Video mode supports real-time eye focus

   This time the Sony Alpha 7R IV is more surprising. For the first time, the new function of real-time eye focus has been added to the video shooting. , This is of great significance for shooting people. With this function, the camera can better track the eyes reliably and accurately during the video shooting process, and the cameraman can more calmly focus on the shooting effect of the work itself, without passing Worry more about focusing.

   The original video address: https://v.qq.com/x/page/t3001wqdj9r.html

   Through the above video, we found that even if the subject’s eyes are short After being blocked by the hand, the focus point can still be firmly locked to the subject. With the touch tracking function enabled, you can directly click the target subject on the LCD screen to lock the subject, which is very convenient for practical use.

Appreciation of    sample

   In this shooting, the Sony Alpha 7R IV is matched with a SEL135F18GM lens, because this G master lens can provide the best resolution performance for the Sony Alpha 7R IV. To better meet the needs of high pixels.


   The experience of shooting samples is very good. Pressing the shutter to shoot is very smooth, focusing quickly without defocusing, basic idea The images to be captured, the flow of people on the street, and children playing around can be easily captured with the help of the Sony Alpha 7R IV. Even in the dark evening, it does not affect the speed of pressing the shutter to focus.

   Evaluation Summary


   Sony Alpha 7R IV Approximately 61 million pixels, as the current leader in 135-frame cameras, is not only the picture quality, but also the improvement and improvement of the control experience is also a meaningful bet. In general, it brings together most of the functions that users think and actually need. . For professional users, whether it is image quality, video shooting, and focus performance, the official price of 26,999 yuan is still good for a full-frame micro-single that has been launched after nearly two years and has many greatly improved experience. It is worth considering iterative upgrade.

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