7 reasons to buy Sony’s full-frame mirrorless Alpha 7R IV

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   Have you decided to buy Sony? This article will make your decision easier.

  Sony Alpha 7 series cameras are equipped with full-frame sensors, focusing on the innovation of pixels and various photographic experiences, and have always been the pioneers and innovators of mirrorless camera technology. The high-resolution images combined with the portable size make all Sony Alpha 7 series cameras a trusted creative tool for photographers.


   Actually, Sony Alpha 7 series cameras are not only suitable for professionals It is also very suitable for beginners and amateurs!

   This time we will not appear in the form of a traditional camera evaluation. Here I will summarize some of the reasons why Sony Alpha 7R IV is worth buying, and talk about the reasons.

  一. High-resolution 61 million pixels

   The resolution of Alpha 7R IV is currently the highest among full-frame mirrorless cameras. It has been upgraded from 4240W pixels of the previous generation to 6100W pixels, 9504 *6336px once again set a new benchmark for the pixel value of the 135-frame sensor.

   From the “pixel sufficiency theory”, from 1200W to 2400 W to 3600W to 4500W or even 5000W, from the perspective of raising the bottom line again and again, this time the 6100W of Alpha 7R IV will be the same when it first came out It has been criticized, but high pixels are of decisive significance for output. How to view and understand 6100W pixels intuitively, it is better to look back at the past and think about the future. You should have the answer in your mind.


  High pixels are at least very friendly for post-secondary cropping. For beginners who are good at composition, no matter how many composition regrets we leave in the early shooting, it will be very convenient to use the advantages of high pixels to re-cut in the later stage, and to carry out the second composition. I often crop the pictures in the post for secondary composition. The secondary composition will help me more easily control the border in the first composition. At the same time, it will make me even less concerned about whether the pixels are enough. Enjoy the shooting and come back for cropping.

   If we shoot birds, animals and other scenes, because the focal length of the lens is not enough, we can turn on the APS-C mode. At this time, it will be X1.5 times the original focal length, and still have 2620W pixels. Resolution, this value is still more than many cameras on the market.

   If you are still not satisfied with the 6100W pixels, you can use Pixel Shift. This feature has been available since Alpha 7R III, but Alpha 7R IV can now merge 16 pictures into one 240 million Pixel files, after 240 million pixels zoom in, you can see more differences. For commercial still-life photographers, this will mean more and more details.


  Second, powerful focusing system

The Sony Alpha 7R IV’s focusing system will make your shooting easier. Just press the shutter halfway and the camera will focus. The previous model had 399 focus points, covering 45% of the screen, and Alpha 7R IV increased to 567 focus points, covering 74% of the image.

  Real-Time Tracking is a new focusing method of R4 which is different from traditional tracking. Through powerful processor support and AI algorithm, it realizes the notification recognition in the screen. This uninterrupted real-time tracking, Very dependent on the computing power of the BIONZX processing core. The child in the picture is very active. When the Alpha 7R IV captures his face, then the next set of photos will show the people in the accurate focus range.


   Sony Alpha 7R IV has real-time eye focus function, very simple It’s easy to use, we don’t need to do anything except press the shutter halfway. There will be a frame around the eyes of the captured person, indicating that the eyes are focusing. No matter how the object moves, this feature will not be let go. When shooting portraits or humanistic subjects, my job now is to hold only the photographic organization diagram, instead of rushing to adjust the focus point, just press the shutter, focus on the glasses, and let Alpha 7R IV do it automatically. This Eye-AF can also be used to capture the eyes of animals. It is very suitable for wild animals or for keeping dogs, cats and cats at home. It is highly recommended for pet lovers.

   By the way, Alpha 7R IV can also use real-time eye focus for video, which is simply an artifact for shooting babies!

  3. File quality

   Shooting in low light environment, Alpha 7R IV can still work normally, the noise generated by high ISO due to the small texture, we can still see a lot For details, if the thumbnail is reduced to 2400W, a lot of noise will be invisible. The camera has a dynamic range of 15 stops at low sensitivity, and it also performs well in the later stage. The shadows and highlights of the picture can form a smooth gradient.


  four, anti-shake

  Alpha 7R IV’s innovative 5-axis anti-shake system is optimized to meet the requirements of high pixels and stable shooting, while achieving a 5.5-level anti-shake effect. For example: dusk, night shooting, windy, telephoto lens

  五, continuous shooting

   Sony Alpha 7R IV can continuously shoot at a speed of 10 images per second, this number It may not seem like much. But please don’t forget that all 10 images are 61 million resolution files.

   Its buffer will continuously store approximately 68 images. Two UHS-II type SD card slots also ensure the professional needs of fast storage and double backup.


  6. Various improvements based on user feedback

  In just a few years from Alpha 7 to Alpha 7R IV, we saw Sony made various improvements to the body based on user feedback. The following points are personally favorites.

  1. The color of the focus frame can be adjusted.

  2, the grip is bigger than before

  3, the battery life is added, TYPE-C charging

   Seven, rich high-quality lenses are available Choose

   There are many options for the lens of Sony full-frame mirrorless cameras. There are more than 30 other brands of lenses. Sony Alpha 7R IV is an ultra-high pixel camera. Choosing a “high surface precision lens” will provide you with the best details, while the G Master lens is a lens series that directly meets your needs. There are now 10 options for G Master lenses.



   Sony Alpha 7R IV is A very advanced mirrorless camera with high pixels. From the perspective of positioning, it is a professional camera. But its convenient functions are also very suitable for amateurs. Those who regard themselves as beginners but hope to improve in the future, buying this good camera is a good choice.

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