A7 without warship roof? Sony’s entry-level full-frame mirrorless A5 parameter rumors

   Recently, sonyalpharumors released a parameter table about Sony’s new entry-level full-frame micro-single A5, and revealed that this machine will be officially released in September this year , It is estimated to be priced at US$1,000, which is equivalent to RMB 7,000. However, it is not yet possible to confirm the parameters and the authenticity of the appearance. We will continue to follow up on this machine.

A7 without warship roof? Sony's entry-level full-frame mirrorless A5 parameter rumors

  According to the news, the new Sony A5 is equipped with a 24 million pixel sensor , The size is similar to the A6000 series of APS-C format, the handle is larger and thicker than the body, with body anti-shake, 5 frames per second, with pop-up EVF, no built-in flash, touch screen will use A7SIII The same model, supports 30 frames per second 4K, supports 60 frames per second cropped 4K video shooting, uses a single SD card slot design, supports USB charging.

   I wonder if the above parameters have attracted you? In fact, Sony currently has room for entry-level full-frame models. I personally think that the current A5 is still very credible, but no matter what, let’s wait until September!

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