Adobe announces that it will withdraw from NAB exhibition

  Adobe announced that it will withdraw from the NAB exhibition held in Las Vegas this year because of concerns about the new crown epidemic. Adobe said in its brief statement that it regrets making this decision, “but the health and safety of our employees, customers, and partners is always our top priority.”

Adobe announces that it will withdraw from NAB exhibition

   Previously, Nikon had announced that it would no longer participate in this year’s NAB exhibition, and the organizer has not cancelled it yet The exhibition will be held from April 18th to 22nd. The organizer has set up a special webpage to introduce information about the new crown epidemic and what will be different this year’s exhibition.

  Editorial views

   Before Nikon and Adobe announced the launch of NAB, CP+2020 was cancelled at the end of February due to the epidemic. In addition, its impact is not limited to the exhibition. Nikon announced the postponement of the release date of its flagship SLR D6, and Canon announced the suspension of production at several factories in Japan. At present, the epidemic situation is not clear about the future images of the imaging industry, and we will also pay attention to related changes.

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