Affected by the epidemic again, Nikon’s multi-national business is affected

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   Earlier we reported that Nikon’s new generation of flagship SLR D6 had to be postponed due to the impact of the new coronavirus epidemic, AF-S NIKKOR 120-300mmf/2.8 The EFLEDSRVR lens has also been affected in this way. Recently, foreign media have exposed that it is also affected by the new coronavirus, and Nikon’s business in several overseas countries has been affected.

Affected by the epidemic again, Nikon's multi-national business is affected

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   Firstly, Nikon stopped the equipment maintenance and rental service of NPS in Canada and announced that it will be suspended until April 1, and all related appointments during this time will also be cancelled. The Nikon office and service center in Australia also began to close on March 16. Although the service center reopened on March 17, only the equipment that needed repairs was delivered by express. As for the United States, where the epidemic is not optimistic, there is no more news for the time being.

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   The impact of this epidemic on the imaging industry is not small, whether it is factory shutdown or after-sales closure, or the delayed appearance of new products or the cancellation of large-scale exhibitions. The entire industry has cast a shadow, and I hope everything will get better soon.

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