Alai’s classic film lamp M18 launched the 10th anniversary edition

   The M18 film and television dysprosium launched by Alai ten years ago is widely used in the field of film and television creation. In order to commemorate its outstanding performance, Alai plans to launch a special M18 tenth anniversary edition in October.

Alai M18 tenth anniversary editionAlai M18 tenth anniversary Commemorative Edition

   From the currently known news, the 10th anniversary edition of the Allais M18 may not be greatly improved. The fixture and base have not changed, but the lamp holder will be labeled as the 10th anniversary. The parameters are exactly the same as the normal version.

  M18 first appeared in 2009. The compact shape and 1800W bulb equipped with ARRIMAX technology earned it the Science and Engineering Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. MAX technology is a unique reflector technology developed and patented by ARRI. It combines the advantages of a parabolic aluminum reflector and a threaded lens. Therefore, the lamp using MAX technology is an open-face design, which is extremely bright. The adjustable angle of light exceeds 35 degrees, which can produce clear and sharp shadows.

Alai M18 tenth anniversary editionAlai M18 tenth anniversary Since the launch of the commemorative version

  , Allais M18 has been widely praised by film and television practitioners. Many well-known American dramas have this film and television lamp in the creation, such as “Silent Angel”, “Darkness”, and “Perfume”. The film “Dunkirk” and “Dizzy Pickled Cabbage” also used M18 as a movie light.

  Editor’s point of view:

  Alai is a leader in the field of film and television lamps. His lamps are known for their accurate color temperature, fast start-up, and long life. The only drawback is the price. Slightly expensive, but the performance is also difficult to surpass some low-priced products. The 10th anniversary version of M18 as a classic model is also expected, and film and television practitioners may consider buying it.

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