All mirrorless lenses Tamron will launch five lenses in 2020

  Tenglong released their latest financial results earlier, stating that even in the overall downward market environment, the company’s lens-related business sales declined, but profits increased. The company’s Special equipment-related businesses achieved higher sales and profits. Following the A036 for mirrorless mirrors released in 2018, the A046, which is also used for mirrorless mirrors, was unable to catch up with the production due to the response that exceeded our company’s expectations at the time of its release, and is still in a state of delayed delivery. However, Tamron recently announced that it will continue to launch five new lenses in 2020, all mirrorless camera lenses.

All mirrorless lenses Tamron will launch five lenses in 2020

  Tenglong 2020 Five mirrorless lenses will be launched

   Two of these five new lenses are already in our known state. One is the 20mmF/2.8DiIIIOSDM 1:2 that was unveiled in January this year, and the second one is It is the 70-180mmF/2.8VXD that should theoretically be unveiled on CP+ this year. There is no news for the other three lenses. Due to the profitability and market popularity considerations, Tamron made the decision to adopt mirrorless lenses for all new products.

  Editorial view

The appearance of   70-180mmF/2.8VXD also means that Tamron’s large ternary combination on the mirrorless lens has been built. Personally, I think Tamron’s style has always been “cheap and big bowl”, so let’s look forward to Tamron’s new lens together.

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