American netizens are shocked: Trump’s wife is actually “fake”? !

   Recently, a photo of U.S. President Trump and his wife Melania waving to supporters before boarding a plane suddenly attracted intense attention from American netizens.

   Because they found that the “Melania” in that photo did not look like the president’s wife in their impression, but more like a “stand-in”.

   As shown in the figure below, on the American social network platform “Twitter”, a post that was posted today and has received 20,000 likes and more than 4,000 reposts indicates that it was prepared last Thursday The woman who boarded the Marine Corps No. 1 helicopter with Trump from the White House was not Trump’s wife Melania, but was replaced by someone else.

   “The Trump administration thought that we were 4-year-olds and could not see that Melania had been replaced by someone else,” the online post wrote.

   Except for this hot post on the Internet , Other U.S. netizens also posted posts, questioning whether the woman who looked like Melania on the plane was she herself.

   Someone further elaborated, The reason why they have this suspicion is that the woman on the plane who wears sunglasses looks much younger than Melania’s daily photos, because the latter has wrinkles on her face when she smiles, but the former But did not see it.

   However, some people think that The woman is Melania herself, only because of the lighting problem in the photo, it seems a little different from her usual photos.

   Currently, the White House has not yet responded to this matter. But what is strange is that even many mainstream American media who disliked Trump did not follow suit to report the matter. what about this?

   It turns out that this claim that Melania next to Trump is a “stand-in” has already appeared in 2017. Judging from previous reports by some American and Western media, this is because when Trump attended an event with Melania, he said something strange: “My wife Melania… Just stand by my side.”

   As a result, some American netizens began to suspect that the woman beside Trump at the time might not be Melania, but a stand-in, which led Trump to say this.

   After this network conspiracy On the other hand, in 2019, the Trumps and his wife participated in another event. At that time, some netizens thought that the woman who accompanied Trump to mourn the victims of the disaster did not look like a real Melania in terms of appearance, height, or even holding Trump’s hand.

   The irony is that this kind of network conspiracy theory is rather annoying that they usually like to use conspiracy theories to attack Trump, his political enemy. He posted angrily on his social account that these were all conspiracy theories made up by “fake news media” by tampering with Melania’s photos.

   Judging from the renewed popularity of this topic today, Trump’s dissatisfaction did not have any effect.

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