Apple will develop smaller AirPods Pro and improve entry-level models

   Apple plans to update its AirPods headset next year, so that this product, which has become an important source of growth, will continue to be written successfully.

   Insiders say that Apple is developing two New headphones: the third-generation entry-level AirPods and the second-generation AirPods Pro.

   In addition, Apple will also launch other new audio devices, such as HomePod mini and upcoming headphones. The company is also considering launching another smart speaker with a market positioning between the HomePod mini and the original version.

   The updated entry-level AirPods, the design will be similar to the current AirPods Pro, the earphone handle is shortened and the earplugs can be replaced. Apple also hopes to extend battery life. People familiar with the matter, who did not want to be named, said that the headset will not have some of the high-end AirPods Pro features, such as noise reduction.

   For the new AirPods Pro, Apple plans to make it more compact by eliminating the headphone handle. The design under test has a more rounded shape, similar to the latest product designs of Samsung Electronics, Amazon and Google.

  Informed sources said that during the development process, it was found that it is quite challenging to integrate noise reduction, wireless antenna and microphone into a smaller AirPods Pro case. When the product is finalized, the design modification may not be so radical. An Apple spokesperson declined to comment.

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