Be careful! Counterfeit Fuji color film negatives have entered the market

   Recently, Fuji issued an announcement on counterfeiting Fuji color film negatives. The announcement stated that a batch of 35mm films without Fuji’s authorization had entered the market. The film illegally used Fuji’s logo and was There are many differences in film.

In addition to the 250D in the picture, there are many different illegal films Models, such as 64D, 250T and 500TIn addition to the 250D shown in the figure, illegal film has many different models, such as 64D, 250T and 500T.

   The film is the same as the original film There is one more obvious difference: the film has the characters “movie” on the packaging, which means “movie” in traditional Chinese. There is no “movie” character on the regular Fujifilm 35mm film.

   This illegal film was first discovered by a photo studio that used it. If you try to process the film with normal color negative chemicals, it may cause chemical contamination and cause damage to other customers’ films. damage.

   Fujifilm stated that they can only guarantee the quality of the products they produce and sell, and cannot avoid the risks that these illegal products may bring. Therefore, it is hoped that through the announcement, more consumers can understand the harm of illegal products, pay attention to the difference between illegal products and genuine products, and avoid being deceived.

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