Biden United Democrats declare that Congress should approve a financial aid plan to deal with the new crown epidemic as soon as possible

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  Original title: Biden United Democrats high-level statement that Congress should approve the COVID-19 financial assistance plan as soon as possible

   20th, United States Democratic presidential candidate Biden held talks with Senate Democratic leader Schumer and House Speaker Pelosi. This is also the first time Biden has met with senior leaders in the Democratic Party since the election. The joint statement issued after the meeting stated that Congress should pass an economic assistance plan to deal with the new crown epidemic as soon as possible.

   The joint statement issued by Biden’s office stated that the aid package should include the resources needed to fight the new crown epidemic, relieve pressure for working families and small businesses, and support state governments and local governments. The government provides salaries to front-line employees, expands unemployment insurance, and provides affordable medical services to millions of families.

   According to Biden, a senior An aide revealed that Biden is currently pushing Congress to pass an economic assistance plan to deal with the new crown epidemic before the end of the year. The aide warned on the 20th that there is no more room for delay. However, the Republican and Democratic parties in Congress have had huge differences over the scope and funding of this plan for several months.

   According to Reuters, the Senate Democratic leader Schumer said on the 19th that Senate Republican leader McConnell has agreed to resume negotiations on this economic aid plan. The report also quoted a senior Democratic aide as saying that staff representing McConnell, Schumer, Pelosi, and House Republican leader McCarthy met on the 19th to discuss issues such as economic assistance plans for the new crown epidemic.


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