Camera Industry Outlook in 2020: Mirrorless vs. SLR in the Tokyo Olympic Games

   2020 is destined to be an extremely important year in the development of digital cameras. Digital cameras will explode in many new products every Olympic year. At the beginning of the year, we will see the strong release of Canon 1D X Mark III and Nikon D6, and there may be many high-resolution cameras on stage. In the second half of the year, the civilian 8K technology promised by Panasonic will be the highlight of the Olympics.

   In 2019, mirrorless cameras have basically replaced SLR cameras. A total of 23 mirrorless cameras were released throughout the year, but there were only two SLR cameras. In 2020, there will be more SLR cameras, whether it is the upcoming 1D X Mark III and D6, or Nikon D780 and Canon 5D Mark V, there will be a certain number of SLR cameras in 2020. But from the perspective of the overall industry, 2020 is bound to belong to mirrorless cameras.

Camera Industry Outlook in 2020: Mirrorless vs. SLR in the Tokyo Olympic Games

   As the flagship model, Canon 1D X III is also good, Nikon D6 Fortunately, the strength of the two cameras is beyond doubt. However, the current development speed of SLR cameras has actually fallen behind that of mirrorless cameras, and there are few upgradeable places on the fuselage. Due to the limitations of the reflector, the two cameras are under the traditional phase focusing module. Continuous shooting speed is difficult to get a further breakthrough. Therefore, the body anti-shake and video enhancement may be the biggest upgrade point of the current flagship machine.

   But anyway, this generation of flagship SLR cameras is likely to be the last generation of flagship sports SLRs. The future belongs to mirrorless cameras. At the 2024 Olympic Games, perhaps Canon and Nikon will also use mirrorless cameras instead of SLRs to achieve professional shooting.

   From the perspective of 2020, although both Canon and Nikon will use their flagship sports cameras as the opening of the year at the beginning of the year, at the beginning of the year, the high-resolution mirrorless cameras of Canon and Nikon are also worthy of attention.

   According to rumors, the Nikon Z8 is already on the road, using the 61 million pixel full-frame sensor of the Sony A7R4. However, according to espionage news, this camera is likely to directly output 16bit RAW files internally. It is very meaningful for scenery shooting.

Camera Industry Outlook in 2020: Mirrorless vs. SLR in the Tokyo Olympic Games

   Canon’s new products this year may be even more exaggerated, according to news , Canon will launch a “Breaking Class” product that will be equipped with a full-frame sensor with more than 80 million pixels. This camera is obviously not for mass consumers, but for landscape and commercial photographers. In the studio lighting environment, 80 million pixels can be as powerful as nuclear weapons. If this big move is true, it will greatly change the existing commercial photography landscape.

   In 2020, in the video industry, image shooting is actually more important. Among current camera products, Panasonic ranks first in video shooting quality, while Sony has an exclusive advantage in video focusing technology. However, as early as 2017, Panasonic called out the slogan of “Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Achieve 8K”, and it has not changed in the past two years, so the camera circle is actually looking forward to what products Panasonic will produce in 2020.

   In 2019, the Panasonic S1H is the first digital camera equipped with 6K video. At present, it is unlikely that Panasonic will directly add 8K to the camera. However, it is very possible for Panasonic to directly use 8K recording in a camera system worth 100,000 yuan.

Camera Industry Outlook in 2020: Mirrorless vs. SLR in the Tokyo Olympic Games

   is not only a professional product, but also on the entry product line, 2020 , Canon 800D, Nikon D5600, Fuji X-E3 and many other product lines will usher in upgrades. High-end cameras compete in performance, while entry-level cameras will make further efforts in camera performance and ease of use.

Camera Industry Outlook in 2020: Mirrorless vs. SLR in the Tokyo Olympic Games

   Current mid-range cameras, such as Canon 90D, M6 II, Nikon Z50, Sony A6100 and other models have realized the popularization of high-speed continuous shooting. In the future, entry-level models, such as the next generation models of 800D and D5600, may also be popular for high-speed continuous shooting. In terms of video, 4K is an indispensable skill for future cameras. For new cameras in 2020, 4K functions are essential.

   At present, 2020 is an important year in the development of the camera industry. Mirrorless cameras will become the most important sales model in the camera market, and video technology will become a new force in changing the camera market. We also look forward to major camera brands to bring us more new products worth buying.

   Finally, I wish you all a happy new year and all the best.

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