Can play! Canon launches PowerShot ZOOM telescope was robbed of light

   Canon released a brand new single-scope camera PowerShotZOOM on the Japanese Makuake crowdfunding website. The first phase of crowdfunding launched a limited edition of 1,000 units, priced at 31,460 yen, which is approximately RMB 2,000. The first 500 pre-orders will receive a quick-charge kit, which has been sold out.

   Canon PowerShotZOOM can provide equivalent full-frame focal length 100mm to 400mm, and 2x digital zoom, equipped with optical image stabilization function, using 12 million pixels, 1/3 inch sensor, DIGIC8 image processor, The performance of the telescope and the camera are integrated, whether it is telephoto or shooting, you can take care of it. The thin and light body has an anti-shake function, and it is easy to take long-focus handheld shooting. The white and silver stitching body is very simple and cute. The body size is W33.4*H50.8*D103.2 mm. It is less than the size of an adult’s palm in the hand. It weighs 145 grams with battery and memory card. Fully miniature telescope. In outdoor activities such as concerts, stadium competitions, climbing high and looking into the distance, you can easily watch and record while holding it in your hands. It is not easy to get tired.

  PowerShotZOOM is more like a conceptual product of Canon. Whether it is a novel and unique telescope camera concept, interest, or memory under the Canon brand, it is clear and clear. For enthusiasts who like telephoto, but also think that the picture quality is too low when taking pictures with smart phones, this is also a beautiful and practical telescope camera that is also collectible.

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