Canon EOS M6II and EOS 90D real machine and specifications announced

   There has been a lot of news about Canon EOSM6II and EOS90D before they went on the market. Canon Australia’s official website released a promotional video for these two models today. Although the video has been removed, it was downloaded and uploaded. To Youtube and other sites.

Screenshot of Canon EOSM6II promotional videoScreenshot of Canon EOSM6II promotional video

  From the promotional video, EOSM6II uses a matte body with a slightly thickened handle. In terms of control, the new machine upgrades the EOSM6’s exposure compensation dial to DIALFUNC. Multi-function command dial, AF/MF lever and separate AF button are added on the back of the fuselage. Like the previous generation, EOSM6II has a built-in flash, and the EVF electronic viewfinder needs to be purchased separately and installed on the hot shoe. EOSM6II also supports the TouchDragAF function. When shooting with the viewfinder, the user can select the focus position through the LCD touch screen, and then observe in the viewfinder at the same time, which greatly improves the ease of use.

3250W pixel CMOS3250W pixel CMOS

  EOSM6II In terms of image quality, there has also been a substantial upgrade. Same as rumors, the machine is equipped with a 32.5-megapixel APS-CCMOS that supports DualPixelAF, upgraded to a DIGIC8 image processor, and can also achieve 14fps continuous shooting when focusing. In terms of camera, EOSM6II supports 4K video recording without cropping, and can also record video with a frame rate of 120fps in 1080p.

frosted texture shellfrosted texture shellNew button layoutNew button layout-5EV low-light sensor AF-5EV low-light sensor AF

   Canon EOSM6II Summary:

   uses the new 3 , 2.5 million pixel APS-CCMOS

  DIGIC8 image processor

  14fps high-speed follow focus continuous shooting

  30fpsRAW continuous shooting

   sensitivity ISO25600

  -5EV low-light sensor AF

  4K/30fps and 1080p/120fps video recording

   external EVF viewfinder

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