Canon launches RF85mm F2 MACRO IS STM medium-telephoto prime lens

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   On July 9, 2020, Canon Inc. announced the launch of the new member of the RF lens family RF85mmF2MACROISSTM. 28 years ago, the EF85mmf/1.8USM was very popular when it was just launched, and it has been hot. The RF85mmF2MACROISSTM, a medium-telephoto fixed-focus lens suitable for portrait photography developed for the EOSR system, is endowed with value-added features such as a built-in IS image stabilizer, support for 0.5x macro shooting, and has an affordable price, compact size, and A large f/2 aperture that achieves a significant blur effect. Whether you are a beginner who is just starting to use full-frame microscopy, or a professional user who focuses on portrait photography, RF85mmF2MACROISSTM will meet your daily shooting needs and provide an exciting shooting experience.

Canon launches RF85mm F2 MACRO IS STM medium-telephoto prime lensCanon RF85mmF2MACROISSTM lens

   85mm mid-telephoto prime lens for classic portraits

  85mm is very suitable for portrait shooting focal length. At this focal length, the photographer can shoot at a moderate distance, which is easy to communicate, and does not add extra pressure to the subject. It can show a “not too exaggerated three-dimensional sense” that a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens cannot present. . The classic EF85mmf/1.8USM lens, with its high image quality performance under a large aperture, has been loved by many photography enthusiasts and photographers for many years. Today, the RF85mmF2MACROISSTM, which is born with Canon’s 1EOSR system, has achieved new breakthroughs in optical performance and lens design, allowing the lens to shoot satisfactory high-quality images at the maximum aperture.

Canon launches RF85mm F2 MACRO IS STM medium-telephoto prime lensCanon launches RF85mm F2 MACRO IS STM medium-telephoto prime lens Canon RF85mmF2MACROISSTM lens sample

   the high image quality of the RF mount

   Canon adopts new simulation technology to optimize the lens arrangement and coating of the RF85mmF2MACROISSTM, which is effective It suppresses ghosting, flare and aberrations, and achieves stable high-quality performance under a variety of lighting conditions, and stable image quality can be obtained even when shooting at the maximum aperture. When designing the lens, Canon took full advantage of the large-diameter mount and short back focus distance brought by the EOSR system to achieve high image quality and compact optical structure. For example: placing large-diameter lenses closer to the imaging plane, so that the high image quality at the edge of the lens and the miniaturization of the optical structure can coexist. The lens includes a UD lens that effectively suppresses aberrations, which can effectively reduce the axial chromatic aberration that may occur before and after the focus plane, and achieve reliable high-quality performance from infinity to close-up. In addition, the position of the internal drive components of the RF85mmF2MACROISSTM has been optimized to achieve a neat lens design without protrusions.

Canon launches RF85mm F2 MACRO IS STM medium-telephoto prime lens

  f/2 large aperture provides charming out-of-focus blur effect

   out-of-focus blur effect in portrait photography Vital. The f/2 large aperture provided by the RF85mmF2MACROISSTM lens can create a beautiful out-of-focus blur effect, making the subject more prominent in the background. The 9-piece circular aperture design can achieve a nearly circular blur effect, and the out-of-focus imaging is softer and more natural. At the same time, the RF85mmF2MACROISSTM lens is very suitable for snapshot shooting. If used in conjunction with EOSR5 and EOSR6 with animal eye detection autofocus function to shoot cats, dogs, birds and pets, it can easily capture the wonderful moments of animals.

Canon launches RF85mm F2 MACRO IS STM medium-telephoto prime lensCanon RF85mmF2MACROISSTM lens Samples

   supports high-quality 0.5x macro shooting

  RF85mmF2MACROISSTM lens supports 0.5x macro shooting, The closest focusing distance is about 0.35m. By using UD lenses, the image quality at close range is improved, and it is easy to obtain the impressive blur effect brought by the large aperture. At the same time, the lens provides a focus distance range selector switch, which can quickly focus on the subject.

Canon launches RF85mm F2 MACRO IS STM medium-telephoto prime lens

  0.5x macro shooting distance indication

Canon launches RF85mm F2 MACRO IS STM medium-telephoto prime lensCanon RF85mmF2MACROISSTM lens 0.5x macro shooting proofs

  5 levels of anti-shake built-in lens

  RF85mmF2MACROISSTM lens has built-in IS image stabilizer equivalent to 5-level 2 shutter speed shake compensation effect. When used with EOSR5 and EOSR6, it can achieve 8-level 3 high-performance image stabilization effect The camera X lens synergistic anti-shake. In addition to low ISO sensitivity settings and slow shutter speeds to achieve high image quality with less noise, it also greatly expands performance possibilities, such as holding the camera in an unstable manner or shooting in places where a tripod cannot be used.

  RF85mmF2MACROISSTM adopts a simple and easy-to-use design. Compact and small, the total length of the lens is only about 90.5mm, the maximum diameter is about 78mm, and the weight is about 500g. The lens continues the good operability of the RF lens, and the control ring can customize common camera functions such as shutter speed and aperture value. Through the 12-pin electronic contact, the communication capability between the camera and the lens is significantly improved.

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