Canon may release its latest SLR camera EOS 850D in February

   The 2020 Tokyo Olympics is an opportunity for the imaging industry, because both reporters covering the event or tourists watching the game need high-performance imaging equipment. At the beginning of the new year, as the most influential brands in this field, rumors of Canon and Nikon’s new products emerge in endlessly and are highly credible. There are both flagship SLRs and consumer-grade products. Let’s take a look at them.

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  EOS R5

   According to Canon Rumors, Canon will release a high-resolution mirrorless camera this year, the model is EOS R5, Canon 5 series has always been Canon’s legendary series, so the name of this model is enough to see the importance of this series. Many parameters of this camera have been exposed and it is expected to be released in February, but it will not be officially launched until July this year.

Canon may release its latest SLR camera EOS 850D in February

  Canon EOSR camera

  CR will The credibility of the message is set to the highest credibility, let’s take a look at the current spy information of this camera:

   The model is EOS R5 instead of the previous EOS RS or EOS R Mark II

  45 million pixel full frame body, RF mount

   is equipped with body anti-shake, the body has 5-speed anti-shake effect, and the lens anti-shake effect can reach 7-8 stops

  12fps mechanical shutter continuous shooting speed, 20fps electronic shutter continuous shooting speed

   adds a wheel design on the back

  No Touch Bar

  Photo/ Live view switching/movie mode switching adopts the design mode of SLR camera

   uses a larger capacity battery, but is still compatible with LP-E6

  8K 30P RAW format video

   may have 4K 120p, at least 4K 60p

  Built-in 5G WiFi

  Before CP+, that is, it will be released before February 27, but it will not be available until July


  EOS R6

   Compared with the high reliability and detailed parameters of EOS R5, the reliability of R6 is indeed not very high, and the relevant parameters are also poor. At least we are now Don’t take it too seriously.

Canon may release its latest SLR camera EOS 850D in February

  EOS R6 related parameters:

  机Body pixels: 20 million

   is equipped with body anti-shake

   mechanical shutter 12fps continuous shooting speed, electronic shutter 20fps

   has 4K 60p video recording

  Brand new battery, battery life improved, the battery is the same as R5

   was released in May this year and will be available in June

  EOS 850D

   According to foreign media nokishita, Canon may release its latest SLR camera EOS 850D in February. This camera is positioned in the entry-level imaging equipment market and is aimed at beginners in photography. The machine will be equipped with a 24.1 million pixel APS-C format CMOS image sensor, using DIGIC8 image processor. There are also 45 cross-type AF points, and of course full-pixel dual-core focusing technology will not be absent.

Canon may release its latest SLR camera EOS 850D in FebruaryCanon may release its latest SLR camera EOS 850D in FebruaryCanon may release its latest SLR camera EOS 850D in February

   Canon EOS 850D Camera specifications:

  24.1 million pixel APS-C format CMOS image sensor

  DIGIC 8 image processor

  45 cross-type AF points

  Full-pixel dual-core CMOS AF autofocus

   4K/30p video shooting without cropping

  3-inch 1.04 million dot rotatable touch screen

   optical framing When shooting, 7 frames/sec high-speed continuous shooting and real-time view shooting, 7.5 frames/sec high-speed continuous shooting

   Body size: 131.0 * 102.6 * 76.2mm

   Body weight: 515g

  Released in February

   Like EOS R5, EOS 850D is basically nailed, and even the white background product picture already has it.

  RF 100-500mm super telephoto lens

   According to foreign media canonrumors broke the news, Canon will soon release the RF 100-500mm super telephoto zoom lens. Although the release date has not been determined, it is likely to be in February, together with the RF 24-105mm F3.5-5.6 IS STM lens we reported previously. As for the specific specifications of this lens, it is still unclear, and it is also uncertain whether this lens is an L-level lens.

Canon may release its latest SLR camera EOS 850D in February

   There are currently available Canon full-frame mirrorless RF lenses There are ten models, and the lens category includes fixed focus, zoom, large aperture, large wide angle, macro and other products. It can be said that Canon has achieved quite a lot in the construction of RF lenses in the past two years and it has been very fast.

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  Nikon D6

   Foreign media nikonrumors news, Nikon will release the new flagship SLR D6 in early February. The report pointed out that the new flagship will be equipped with a 20-megapixel full-frame sensor and use the EXPEED6 image processor. In terms of video shooting, D6 supports 4K/60P video specifications and RAW video shooting.

Canon may release its latest SLR camera EOS 850D in February

   In other respects, it is reported that D6 uses an improved autofocus system. It has better dynamic range performance and rich customization options. In addition, the camera uses a 3.2 million pixel touch screen, dual CFexpress memory card slots, improved silent shooting mode and wireless functions.

Canon may release its latest SLR camera EOS 850D in February

   But as a news machine for the Tokyo Olympics, There is no clear information on the critical continuous shooting speed. However, considering the continuous shooting level of the Canon 1D X III, which debuted first, I believe that the D6 is well matched in this respect.

Rumored specifications of    Nikon D6:

  20 million pixel full-frame CMOS image sensor

  EXPEED 6 image processor

  Improved automatic Focus system

  Better dynamic range performance

  With rich customization options

  0.76-0.78x magnification, 100% field of view optical viewfinder

  4K/60p video shooting RAW video shooting

  3.2 million dot touch screen

  Improved silent shooting mode

  Dual CFexpress memory card insertion Slot

  With Wi-Fi

  Two new Nikon lenses

   In addition to the flagship SLR D6, Nikon may also launch two new Z-mount lenses , They are Z 20mmF1.8S and Z 24-200mm respectively. According to the news, these two lenses may be released together with the flagship SLR camera D6, and of course they may be released after the D6.

Canon may release its latest SLR camera EOS 850D in February

   Nikon’s 12 Z-mount mirrorless models under development Lens:

  1, fixed focus lens:

  50mm F1.2 S

  20mm F1.8 S

  2, compact Fixed focus lens:



  3, Macro lens:


  105mm S

  4, zoom lens:

  14-24mm F2.8 S

  24-105mm S

  100-400mm S




  DX 18-140mm

   It can be seen that although there are already many Nikon Z mount lenses The lens is on the market, but it is still not rich enough for users, and Nikon is also vigorously developing and complementing the Z mount series, so that users who buy mirrorless cameras such as Z6 and Z7 can have more lens choices in the future. Of course, you can use the adapter ring to adapt the F-mount lens of the SLR camera.

  Nikon Z8

  60 million pixel Nikon mirrorless single camera is ready to come out. In a recent accidental release of the user manual for the new Nikon mirrorless machine, there are information such as 60 million pixels, 16bit, and newly developed compressible NEF original images. Is this 60-megapixel mirrorless camera the legendary Z8? Of course, this espionage is still of low credibility, and even if Nikon plans to develop a new 60-megapixel camera, this camera may still be in the development stage, and it will take a long time before the official release.

Canon may release its latest SLR camera EOS 850D in February

   Nikon mirrorless New machine user manual

Canon may release its latest SLR camera EOS 850D in February

   Nikon Mirrorless New Machine User Manual

   From the above file, we can see that the maximum image size of the Nikon Mirrorless machine is 9552*6364 pixels, which means the effective pixels of this new machine Reached 60 million. In addition, the author is more concerned about compressible RAW format files. It is necessary to know that 60 million pixels of uncompressed RAW format files are very large, and the file size can be effectively reduced after compression. Nikon also provides reversible algorithm compression and irreversible algorithm compression, which can reduce file size by 20-40% and 60-80% respectively.

   Although the emergence of the epidemic has made this spring look a little gloomy, we believe that the sun will always bring and everything will recover. With the Tokyo Olympics approaching, there will be more and more new images that will make our eyes brighter, let us wait and see.

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