Canon releases L-class RF super telephoto zoom lens RF100-500/4.5-7.1

   On July 9, 2020, Canon Co., Ltd. announced the launch of the RF 100-500mmF4.5-7.1LISUSM, the first L-class super-telephoto zoom lens in the RF lens series. With the help of Canon’s 1EOSR system’s large mount diameter and short rear focus distance, the lens achieves high image quality performance within a 5x optical zoom range from 100mm mid-telephoto to 500mm super-telephoto, and a lightweight and portable design. Focusing on portraits, scenery, or birds flying in the sky, or airplanes, trains in motion, sports, and stage performances, only one lens can cover a variety of shooting scenes, while reducing the burden of carrying. Has a very high adaptability and practicality. At the same time, RF100-500mmF4.5-7.1LISUSM also maintains the consistent professionalism and reliability of Canon’s L-class lenses. It will become a professional photographer in fields including sports, ecology, news reports, documentaries, etc. A high-quality choice for photography enthusiasts on stage and other subjects for image creation.

Canon releases L-class RF super telephoto zoom lens RF100-500/4.5-7.1Canon RF100- 500mmF4.5-7.1LISUSM lens

   has 500mm super telephoto focal length and high image quality

  RF100-500mmF4.5-7.1LISUSM covers The wide zoom range from 100mm mid-to-telephoto focal length to 500mm super-telephoto focal length, its high image quality performance is equivalent to or higher than EF100-400mmf/4.5-5.6LISIIUSM, but the telephoto end focal length is expanded to 500mm, and the total length when installed in the camera is almost constant. At the same time, when used with a lightweight micro-camera such as EOSR5, the weight of the Canon SLR system of the same level is reduced by about 14%2, which reduces the burden of long-term movement and shooting.

Canon releases L-class RF super telephoto zoom lens RF100-500/4.5-7.1

In order to meet the needs of photographers for longer focal length ultra-telephoto in sports, wildlife and other fields, it can be used in conjunction with the released extenders RF1.4* and RF2*, which can achieve a focal length of up to 1000mm. Extenders RF1.4* and RF2* can extend the focal length of the main lens to 1.4 times or 2 times while maintaining the high resolution of the picture. The built-in microprocessor of the extender can improve the focus accuracy and the reliability of high-speed autofocus, while increasing the telephoto distance while maintaining high-quality imaging performance. In addition, both extenders have a high-strength anti-shock and dust-proof and drip-proof structure3.

Canon releases L-class RF super telephoto zoom lens RF100-500/4.5-7.1Expanding lens RF1.4*Canon releases L-class RF super telephoto zoom lens RF100-500/4.5-7.1Expanding lens RF2*Canon releases L-class RF super telephoto zoom lens RF100-500/4.5-7.1

   Canon RF100 -500mmF4.5-7.1LISUSM Relying on the advanced optical design of the RF system’s large bayonet diameter and short rear focus distance, combined with Canon’s multiple optical technologies, high resolution can be obtained from the center to the edge of the image throughout the zoom range Excellent picture quality performance. The lens uses 1 super UD lens and 6 UD lenses, which can effectively correct chromatic aberrations and achieve high resolution and high contrast. The application of Canon ASC air spherical coating technology significantly suppresses the occurrence of glare and ghosting. The lens uses 9 aperture blades to form an almost circular aperture, and uses the compression effect of super telephoto to bring a soft and beautiful background blur effect.

   is equipped with IS image stabilizer to help clear and stable shooting

  RF100-500mmF4.5-7.1LISUSM lens is equipped with the highest level 5 The IS image stabilizer with 4 shake compensation effects provides reliable anti-shake protection for ultra-telephoto handheld shooting. When the lens is used in combination with EOSR5 or EOSR6 with body anti-shake, it can also perform more accurate detection and correction of shake information through the dual anti-shake function of the body*lens, and achieve a maximum of 6 levels of 5 shakes when shooting still photos Compensation effect, and further enhance the anti-shake performance, some of the previously difficult to shoot clear pictures can be clearly frozen. When shooting short films, the RF100-500mmF4.5-7.1LISUSM lens effectively suppresses large-scale shakes during shooting through the combined IS function that works with the EOSR series full-frame micro-camera’s short-film digital 5-axis anti-shake. When the user is prone to jitters such as in an unstable posture or walking shooting, combined with a rotatable LCD monitor, the short film can still be taken comfortably.

Canon releases L-class RF super telephoto zoom lens RF100-500/4.5-7.1Canon releases L-class RF super telephoto zoom lens RF100-500/4.5-7.1

   Canon RF100-500mmF4.5-7.1LISUSM lens IS image stabilizer on/off comparison


  RF100 -500mmF4.5-7.1LISUSM lens is equipped with 3 kinds of IS anti-shake modes, which are suitable for shooting static subjects, following shooting moving subjects, and shooting irregularly moving subjects, which can adapt to portraits, landscapes, car sports, railway photography, and intense sports. Use requirements for various scenarios such as sports events.

Canon releases L-class RF super telephoto zoom lens RF100-500/4.5-7.1

   Canon RF100-500mmF4.5-7.1LISUSM lens is equipped with 3 IS anti-shake modes

  新Dual NanoUSM focus motors to achieve high-speed, quiet and smooth focusing

  RF100-500mmF4.5-7.1LISUSM is equipped with dual NanoUSM focus motors, which can be used in conjunction with the full-pixel dual-core CMOSAF of the EOSR series full-frame micro-cameras. High-speed, high-precision still image autofocus. In terms of movie shooting, the lens will track the subject quietly and smoothly, and users don’t have to worry about recording unnecessary focusing sounds in the movie.

   In addition, dual NanoUSM focus motors and electronic floating focus control can significantly shorten the focus distance and further expand the possibility of close-up shooting. The closest focusing distances of the new lens RF100-500mmF4.5-7.1LISUSM at 100mm focal length and 500mm focal length are about 0.9m and 1.2m, respectively, and the corresponding maximum magnification is about 0.12x and 0.33x. It can easily shoot stunning close-ups. Photography works.

   maintain the consistent good operability and reliability of the L-class lens

   Canon RF100-500mmF4.5-7.1LISUSM lens white The exterior has a heat-insulating coating, which can control the temperature of the lens barrel and improve the user’s comfort in summer. Taking into account the stability when fixed with a tripod, the lens uses a slightly larger tripod base than before, which can be quickly removed. In order to bring users a more comfortable operating experience, the RF100-500mmF4.5-7.1LISUSM lens is equipped with an adjustable damping zoom adjustment ring. The lens also has a highly customizable control ring. The user can adjust the aperture, shutter speed, ISO Common shooting parameters such as sensitivity and exposure compensation can be quickly set and adjusted. In addition, the equipped hood provides a sliding window, users can easily adjust the polarization filter installed at the front without removing the hood, which greatly improves the convenience of operation.

  RF100-500mmF4.5-7.1LISUSM lens also has the same durability as other L-class lenses, with a dust-proof and water-repellent structure3. The front end of the lens is covered with a hydrophobic and oil-repellent fluorine coating. Once the lens is Water and oil stains can be easily wiped off with a dry cloth. The lens filter specification is 77mm, the minimum lens overall length is about 207.6mm, the maximum diameter is about 93.8mm, and the weight is about 1370g.

Canon releases L-class RF super telephoto zoom lens RF100-500/4.5-7.1RF100-500mmF4 .5-7.1 LISUSM lens adopts dustproof and waterproof structure

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