Canon Telephoto Camera PowerShot ZOOM: Watching and shooting are both right

   Recently, Canon Inc. released the PowerShot ZOOM, a monocular telephoto camera. PowerShot ZOOM is a new concept camera introduced by Canon*1, suitable for long-distance shooting. The compact and portable design and super-telephoto zoom shooting performance allow PowerShot ZOOM to not only perform photography and video in scenes such as watching sports events, bird watching, traveling, etc., but also as a telescopic viewing device, making it perfect for both viewing and shooting.

  PowerShot ZOOM

   as a compact design The new concept telephoto camera, Canon PowerShot ZOOM has both telephoto, photographing and video functions. Users can use it in scenes that require long-distance viewing and shooting, such as watching performances, sports events, bird shooting, and family travel. Use the PowerShot ZOOM in the stadium stands to zoom in on the perspective, as if you are in the middle of the venue instantly, and you are passionately following your favorite players; holding the PowerShot ZOOM at the concert of 10,000 people, you can observe the idol’s every move up close and freeze the exclusive memories while watching ; Bring PowerShot ZOOM on the journey, you can be in the wonderful scenery that is difficult to approach, broaden your field of vision, unobstructed view, and have an unforgettable journey.

  PowerShot ZOOM has built-in 100mm, 400mm and 800mm*2 three-stage focal lengths, the three-stage focal length can be switched with one key, instant zoom, and can respond to diversified shooting themes and environments at any time, whether it’s a game or a journey Can create a variety of materials. In addition, PowerShot ZOOM can take 12-megapixel photos and obtain high-definition pictures while watching; high-speed continuous shooting of 10 frames per second captures every unmissable moment.

  PowerShot ZOOM has built-in three focal lengths of 100mm, 400mm and 800mm, which can be switched by one key

  12 million pixel still image shooting, 10 frames per second high-speed continuous shooting

  In addition to shooting high-definition still images , PowerShot ZOOM can also perform video shooting at 30 frames per second. Press the shooting button during important viewing such as concerts to simultaneously record the idol’s wonderful performance. Its high-precision autofocus can ensure smooth tracking of the subject when switching focal lengths; image stabilization can provide users with a more stable and smooth shooting and viewing experience, enhancing the fun of photography.

  While having super-telephoto performance, PowerShot ZOOM has realized a compact and lightweight body design, weighing only about 145g*3, and the body is ergonomically designed, which can be used with one hand Hold and operate, realize simple and comfortable observation and shooting.

  PowerShot ZOOM can be connected through the mobile phone application “Camera Connect” to realize real-time viewing, transmission and remote sharing. While shooting still pictures, share the beauty of this moment with close people and enjoy the world together Moved at this time.

Canon Telephoto Camera PowerShot ZOOM: Watching and shooting are both right

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