Canon will release 4 new full-frame cameras in 2020

  CR has been working hard to develop a 2020 roadmap for Canon camera bodies, and CR believes they have figured out most of it. The following information comes from several different sources and is confused with some common sense.

Canon will release 4 new full-frame cameras in 2020

   This roadmap is only applicable to full-frame interchangeable lens cameras. There is currently no information about the new PowerShot or EOS M cameras.

  CR was told that Canon will release four new full-frame cameras in 2020, and we can be sure of three of them.

  Canon EOS-1D X Mark III

  The product has been released and will be shipped in mid-February.

  Canon EOS Rs

   There have been rumors for a long time that it will be the next EOS R new body. CR believes it is likely to be released before CP+ or in May.

  Canon EOS Rm

   Obviously, we will see a more affordable body than the EOS RP. EOS RP currently sells for $999, so to make it worthwhile, there must be a considerable price difference. Some people at Canon have mentioned this possibility before, and this possibility is now being confirmed by someone confirming it will become a reality.

   The good news is that Canon must make a cheaper RF lens. Not many people will use a US$2500 lens for a US$700 camera.

   Canon third-generation EOS R body

   The new Canon EOS R body will be available in 2020. This is a mystery, although CR does have some information to point out the camera The development direction of the fuselage.

  CR believes that it will be a speed machine, perhaps equipped with a lower pixel sensor, and aimed at Sony A7S series models.

   Canon EOS R may follow up, but EOS R may also be a one-off, and we will also see key models. As CR has said in the past, “EOS R” has always felt like a stopgap for a larger system plan.

   It is possible to have the same platform body as the EOS 5D Mark IV, but CR believes that it will directly replace the EOS 5D Mark IV with a new SLR.

  EOS-1 grade EOS R

  We don’t believe that such a camera will come out in 2020, otherwise EOS-1D X Mark III will not be released, and we will hear more in 2021. More information about professional cameras with RF mounts. It is possible to get some kind of development or technical announcement in 2020, but this camera will require a lot of investment from photographers to ensure Canon is correct.

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