Canon’s high-end APS-C mirrorless camera specifications exposed

  This article comes from Seying Wuji

   According to the latest rumors circulating on the Internet, Canon is developing a high-end APS-C mirrorless camera equipped with a 32-megapixel sensor and sensor displacement anti-shake. The following are circulating on the Internet Rumor set.

Canon's high-end APS-C mirrorless camera specifications exposed

   Canon’s upcoming high-end APS-C back-to-back specs

  32.5 million pixel APS-C CMOS sensor

  DIGIC X image processor


   5-axis sensor shift image stabilization

  UHD 4K 60p/Full HD 120p video recording

  up to 12 fps/up to 20 fps

  Dual card slot: SD / SDHC / SDXC

  USB Type-C, HDMI D, 3.5mm headset, 3.5mm microphone

  Wi-Fi /Bluetooth

   I saw Canon APS-C with such advanced core specifications The camera is so good, it looks like a direct competitor of the Fuji X-T4 mirrorless camera. Although Canon does test multiple prototypes of high-end products before the products are approved for production. Hope the rumored specifications are correct, and we may soon see Canon’s APS-C flagship mirrorless camera.

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