Continued decline CIPA announces camera sales statistics for November 2019

  The CIPA organization recently announced the global shipment statistics of camera products and lens products in November 2019, as well as the comparison of the same period reports in 2018 and 2017. According to the data in the table, you can see the downward trend of a large number of data, but it is also Seeing the increase in shipments of mirrorless cameras, it can be described as mixed.

Continued decline CIPA announces camera sales statistics for November 2019Continued decline CIPA announces camera sales statistics for November 2019

  For this month in November 2019:

   Digital SLR camera shipment The volume is 366,000 units

The shipment volume of    mirrorless cameras is 453,000 units

The shipment of non-interchangeable lens cameras is 609,000 units

  Compared with the data of the same period in 2018:

  Digital SLR camera shipments: -33%

  Digital SLR camera sales: -42%

  Mirrorless camera shipments: -5%

  Mirrorless camera sales: +6%

  non-changeable lens camera shipments: -21%

  non-changeable lens camera sales: -17%

  APS-C or below lens shipments: -26%

  APS-C or below lens sales Amount: -24%

  Full frame and above lens shipment volume: -14%

  Full frame and above lens sales: -5%

  Mirrorless and SLR camera shipments account for 46.3% of the market share

  The sales value of mirrorless cameras accounts for 61% of the market share .5%

  Editor’s opinion:

  Digital SLR camera shipments and market share There are many reasons for the decline, which naturally include the decrease in the number of new SLR cameras and the switch to mirrorless cameras. Although the overall market foundation of mirrorless cameras is not as large as that of SLRs, its sales accounted for the monthly market share of mirrorless cameras. Bi has already beaten SLR, I believe this is the best proof that mirrorless has become the future trend. But overall, sales and shipments of the entire camera market continue to show a downward trend, and factors such as the rapid change of camera products and technical redundancy may be reasons why people have no reason to replace new products.

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