D780 is upgraded again! Nikon’s latest N-Log 3D Lut version released

   On March 10th, Nikon released the latest version 1.01 of N-Log 3D LUT, which was also available for download on the official website. This update adds support for D780 and adds a 3D LUT file in “cube” format compatible with N-Log. In addition to D780, Nikon’s Z6 and Z7 can be updated to version 1.01.

D780 is upgraded again! Nikon's latest N-Log 3D Lut version released

LUT means “look-up table”, in simple terms it is to “relocate” each pixel before outputting, and a new color value can be obtained. 1D LUT changes a certain color in RGB can only image the output of that color, while 3D LUT changes any one color will affect the output of three colors. 3D LUT can affect the saturation, hue, brightness and other parameters of the picture, so that the image taken in the N-Log mode shows richer details and colors.

   At present, Nikon has tested three editing software, namely: Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro X, Blackmagic Design: DaVinci Resolve 15 can use N-Log 3D Lut to shoot in N-Log mode normally. Color grading of the material.

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