Do you know what RAW format the camera captures?

  Most people know that the camera can take photos in JPG format. This is also the picture format we have most contact with, but most users don’t know that there is another camera Photos in RAW format. So what is this RAW format photo, what is the difference between it and JPG photo, and how do we take this photo. Today, we will uncover the secrets of RAW format photos.

Do you know what RAW format the camera captures?

  What is a RAW format photo?

   To be precise, the RAW format is not a direct photo, but a file. The interpretation of RAW in English is unprocessed and natural. A RAW file is the original data of a CMOS or CCD image sensor that converts the captured light source signal into a digital signal. We can also turn into RAW files as digital negatives, which record some metadata produced by the camera, such as ISO settings, shutter speed, aperture value, white balance and other information.

Do you know what RAW format the camera captures?

What is the difference between   RAW and JPG format?

  RAW files have a great relationship with JPG photos, because JPG photos are RAW files that are processed inside the camera. As mentioned earlier, RAW files record the raw data of the camera environment. These data are processed in the camera’s processor for white balance, sharpness, saturation, color, etc., and then packaged to get JPG photos.

   Usually we always say which brand of camera’s JPG straight out photos perform well. What we mean is that the adjustment and optimization of the camera’s processor is better, and the JPG photos we get More in line with popular aesthetics.

Do you know what RAW format the camera captures?

   We usually use color depth to describe a picture, the unit is bit. The color depth of the most commonly used JPG photos is 8bit. For general RAW format files, the color depth is usually 12bit or 14bit. The color depth of some high-end cameras can reach 16bit. The higher the color depth, the richer the information carried, but the corresponding RAW file will be larger.

  The size of JPG photos must be much smaller than that of RAW files. This is undoubtedly because RAW files are processed and compressed before they become JPG files.

Do you know what RAW format the camera captures?

   In addition, RAW files retain more details than JPG photos, because RAW files record the original information of the environment without loss of details. However, JPG files are obtained through compression, and due to processing such as noise control, it is inevitable that details will be lost.

   For users, if you want better details of the camera photos taken by yourself, you may wish to use RAW files instead of JPG files. However, RAW files need to undergo post-processing. We will introduce again.

What is the suffix of   RAW file?

  JPG photo suffix name is just. JPG or. JPEG, but the suffix of RAW file is not. RAW, don’t make a mistake.

Do you know what RAW format the camera captures?

   Each camera brand has its own unique RAW file suffix, such as Canon’s suffix. CR2 or. CR3, the suffix of Nikon is. NEF, Sony’s suffix is. ARW, the suffix of Fuji is. RAF, the suffix of Panasonic is. RW2, Pentax’s suffix is. PEF, the suffix of Leica is. DNG, etc. I won’t list them one by one here.

   Can I preview RAW files on my computer?

   Before using Windows 7 operating system or older systems, RAW files cannot be previewed. After Windows 10, RAW files can be previewed directly in the folder, just like viewing JPG photos, but not all RAW files can be previewed. However, it does not matter whether or not JPG files can be previewed on the computer. You can install AdobeBridge software to browse RAW files.

Do you know what RAW format the camera captures?

  How to open and post RAW files?

   opens and edits RAW, in fact, each camera brand has its own related post-production software, but the more common photography-related people use Adobe’s Photoshop or Lightroom software.

   Whether opening RAW files or post-RAW files, we all need to use the CameraRAW filter of Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom software.

Do you know what RAW format the camera captures?

   If the version of Photoshop at home is relatively old and the camera you purchased is relatively new, many times we cannot open the RAW file because of the CameraRAW filter version. Don’t panic at this time, just go to Adobe’s official website to download the latest version of the CameraRAW filter installation package. After installation, it can be opened and later.

   Should I use RAW files when taking pictures?

   This question is actually very simple. Do you have any later needs? If there is a need for later, you need to shoot RAW files. Because RAW files record the original information of the environment, the range that can be adjusted in the later stage is also very wide, much wider than JPG files.

   Generally, for photographers, photography enthusiasts, professional practitioners, etc., post-production of photos is performed, so it is necessary to shoot RAW files to make the post-production easier.

Do you know what RAW format the camera captures?

   But if you are a user who has never done post-production, just take photos for commemoration, and only browse the photos after importing them to the computer, then I think there is no need to use RAW format files. Because RAW files take up storage space very much, whether it is a memory card or hard disk space, the most important thing is that it is useless to these users.

   here, I believe everyone has already understood the RAW format file. As for whether this format is useful for everyone, whether it is needed, it depends on your own usage habits and photography And the purpose of taking pictures.

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