EOS R5 debut? Canon June July or welcome press conference

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   The development announcement of Canon EOSR5 was unveiled in February this year, and news of the lower-positioned brother model EOSR6 has been spreading for a long time. Canon also announced that it will release a variety of RF at the same time. New lens with bayonet mount. Unfortunately, until now, EOSR5 and EOSR6, which have attracted the attention of many users, have not officially appeared. Obviously, the global epidemic of the new crown virus has also had a great impact.

EOS R5 debut? Canon June July or welcome press conference

   However, foreign media have recently revealed that Canon may be in this year There will be major moves in June and July, which are most likely to be the launch of EOSR5, EOSR6 and a series of new lenses, and the expected time to market will be in July.

  Editor’s opinion

  The epidemic really disrupted the release rhythm of many manufacturers’ new products. Take Canon EOSR5 as an example. Earlier, Canon China would share part of this product on the 13th of each month. The characteristics can be regarded as aroused the attention of many people, and I hope this series of products will arrive as scheduled.

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