Equipped with phase focus? Nikon may bring D7800 in 2021

   Nikon D7500 was released in June 2017, equipped with a 20.88 million pixel APS-C frame sensor, positioned as a mid-range SLR, this camera is also available today In the past three years, it is time for its updated products to be unveiled. According to foreign media reports recently, Nikon D7500 is about to usher in an update, and the new product may be called D7800.

Equipped with phase focus? Nikon may bring D7800 in 2021

   Nikon D7800 hypothetical Figure

   Foreign media said that D7800 may be unveiled in the second quarter of 2021. Because it is too early, the detailed parameters of this product may not be exposed yet, but there is news that after D780, Nikon intends to bring a hybrid sensor with phase focus to its APS-C frame SLR.

  Editor’s point of view

   Nikon D7500, as a popular product, has been released for three years and should indeed be updated. After the advent of Canon’s full-pixel dual-core focus sensor, Nikon has finally caught up with this step. If the rumors of the D7800 are true, then the new sensor will obviously be compared to the current shooting in live view and video shooting. The products have made great progress.

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