Evaluation of Sony Fe 35mm f1.8 universal hanging mirror

  According to reliable sources, Sony has registered three new camera codes in Asia. This usually means that three new cameras will be announced within 1-2 months! Although Sony just released the new Alpha7RIV yesterday, it can be said that it has gained a lot of attention, but this is not all! The new rumors received recently are as follows:

Sony registered in Asia Three new camera codesThree new camera codes registered by Sony in Asia

  Sony will announce another camera next week

   There are rumors about another camera release in August

   Two managers said that Sony plans to launch a product a month from now until the end of 2019. This seems to be a new strategy to attract the general public’s attention to the Sony Alpha series.

  Editor’s point of view:

   In these two release activities, there should be no new Alpha7SIII or Alpha9II. Alpha7sIII should be released in the fall. And Alpha9II should be available in late 2019 or early 2020. The next thing we are looking forward to is the new RX series cameras, the successor to the A6500 and other things that we have no news yet. . . . . .

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