Facebook adds free cloud gaming to its platform

   Facebook launched a social media platform on Monday With the cloud game function, users can play games such as Asphalt 9: Racing Legend and WWE: Super Card for free by streaming without downloading the game.

   “We will not spin off an independent cloud gaming service.” Facebook said in a blog post, adding that all cloud-based streaming games can be played on its platform’s game tag or information stream .

   Facebook’s game feature is smaller than Google’s Stadia, Nvidia GeForce Now or Amazon Luna and other cloud-based high-end game streaming services, which are competing for users in this high-growth market. Facebook said that for now, the feature will be open to Android and Internet users, and the company is studying an alternative to launching this feature on Apple’s iOS platform.

   “Apple treats games differently and continues to exercise control over this very precious resource.” Facebook said, adding that the company is not sure about launching the above in Apple’s app store. Function is not a “feasible” path.

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