Fuji will introduce CFexpress cards as storage media

  In Fuji’s existing models, SD cards are used as storage media. Recently, foreign media reported that a CFexpress memory card vendor called ProgradeDigital hinted that Fuji will introduce CFexpress cards as storage media. camera.

Fuji will introduce CFexpress cards as storage media

   The manufacturer said that the final release date of CFexpress is related to the camera manufacturer There is a very close relationship. CFexpress cards will only be available after the camera manufacturer releases camera firmware that supports CFexpress memory cards. Manufacturers like Nikon and Fuji have announced that they will provide support for CFexpress cards through firmware upgrades. According to the manufacturer, Fuji is one of them. The current Fujifilm X-series and GFX-series mirrorless cameras both use SD cards as storage media. There are no cameras equipped with CFexpress cards, which means that Fuji’s next new cameras will use CFexpress memory cards. And precisely because of the use of this storage medium, it is clear that the positioning of this camera will be relatively high-end.

  Editor’s view

   The brand new CFexpress card is based on the same XQD card design, but the speed is increased by more than 3 times, and it is said that it will become the future standard. The high-speed feature is also a great help for shooting RAW video. It is said that Fuji will also make a difference in this area, let us look forward to it.

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