German Minister of Economy: I am not against Huawei, but need strong European participants

  Original title: German Minister of Economy: I’m not against Huawei, but I need strong European participants

   According to Reuters, when asked about “exclusion in 5G mobile network expansion Will China’s Huawei lead to a competitive disadvantage?” German Federal Minister of Economy and Energy Altmeier said on the 23rd local time that the EU supports the idea of ​​free competition, but stated that he “does not oppose Huawei”.

   According to Reuters, Alt Mayr made the above statement after a video conference held by the EU Competition Minister on Friday. Altmaier said he is not opposed to Huawei. However, he added that this field requires strong European players.

   Despite continuous pressure from the United States on the issue of 5G networks, Germany has previously expressed its opposition to a total ban on Huawei. Bloomberg reported on September 23 that a person familiar with the matter was quoted as saying that although Germany is currently formulating rules to ensure the security of its 5G network, German Chancellor Merkel is unwilling to exclude Huawei from the construction of 5G networks in Germany because of “from China”. Outside. People familiar with the matter said that in the face of pressure from hawks from the United States and Germany, Merkel refused to compromise on the core position, believing that Germany cannot issue a targeted ban on Huawei.

   The German weekly “Focus” stated that Huawei is one of the leaders in 5G technology and is very convincing in terms of price and quality. Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone are currently building 5G networks, covering approximately 40 million Germans. Among them, about half of the 5G antenna equipment comes from Huawei. If Germany implements stricter safety regulations, these Huawei components may have to be replaced. German telecom operators will lose billions of euros for this and lag behind other countries in terms of 5G construction.

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