Global camera sales are still down 21% year on year

   According to CIPA data, the global camera sales data for May has been released. The data shows that overall global sales are still down 21% year-on-year, and sales are down 15%. In other words, for most manufacturers, May is still a year-on-year loss. Although the sales decline has begun to shrink, it still exceeds 20%, indicating that the user base of photography, a niche hobby that burns money, is not shrinking.

Camera sales and sales still fell sharply in May5 Camera sales and sales continued to decline sharply in the month.

   Looking at it apart, the sales of fixed lens cameras in May 2019 decreased by 15% year-on-year and 14% month-on-month; sales were down 11% year-on-year and month-on-month. 20%.

   The sales of cameras with interchangeable lenses decreased by 25% year-on-year and 9% month-on-month; sales fell 17% year-on-year and 16% month-on-month.

The sales of    SLR cameras fell 32% year-on-year and 3% month-on-month; sales fell 42% year-on-year and 10% month-on-month.

The sales of    mirrorless cameras fell 15% year-on-year and 15% month-on-month; sales rose 20% year-on-year and fell 20% month-on-month.

   In fact, in terms of sales, card cameras, SLR cameras and mirrorless cameras have all declined in May, whether they are year-on-year or month-on-month. This is a terrifying result. In addition, there has been a substantial decline in sales. However, there were no new product releases in May, and it is normal for the camera market to be relatively bleak. After all, it is about to enter the summer season in June.

Digital camera sales in May 2019May 2019 Sales of digital camerasSales of interchangeable lens digital cameras in May 20192019 Sales of interchangeable lens digital cameras in May of 2019Fixed lens digital in May 2019 Camera SalesFixed Lens Digital Camera Sales in May 2019

   In fact, we also see from CIPA data that the month-on-month sales in China are different from the overall situation in the world. Chinese camera players are still more interested in SLR cameras, at least more than mirrorless cameras. Therefore, the data shows that in May, the sales of SLR cameras in China skyrocketed by 34% from the previous month, and the sales were 20% from the previous month; the sales of mirrorless cameras were up 8% from the previous month, and the sales fell 1.5% from the previous month.

Domestic users are still more interested in SLR camerasDomestic users are still I am more interested in SLR cameras

   This result is not unexpected. The reason is that there were no interesting new camera products released in May mentioned above. At the same time, Chinese users have a high voice for SLR cameras. Therefore, while Mirrorless did not have eye-catching features, users finally chose the SLR camera.

   Back to the world, in fact, from Japan to Europe and the United States, most photography enthusiasts have gradually tended to buy mirrorless cameras, and mirrorless cameras are gaining momentum quickly. Europe and the United States are different from China. From the journey of the author, we can see that most of the users in Europe and America are still using the card cameras that they bought many years ago, or some very basic SLR cameras. For them, these products It has long been unable to keep up with the times.

Users around the world have paid more attention to mirrorless camerasGlobal Users in this area have paid more attention to mirrorless cameras

   Therefore, for European and American users, mirrorless cameras with higher technical content, updated products, and excellent experience have naturally become everyone’s choice. The same is true for current fans in Japan. The number of SLR cameras is very high. After all, the rise of mirrorless cameras has not been a few years, but most new users will choose mirrorless cameras. This is the biggest difference with the purchase philosophy of domestic users.

   In fact, many people still believe that SLR cameras will be better than mirrorless cameras. This view is actually incorrect. The mirrorless camera has benefited from the development of microelectronics technology in recent years, and has achieved the same performance as the SLR, and even surpassed the constraints of the mechanical structure of the SLR in many aspects. Therefore, for users, it is definitely right to buy a mirrorless camera. .

The new products in the second half of the year will also be based on micro-orders The new products for half a year will also be based on mirrorless cameras

  . Now manufacturers are mainly promoting mirrorless cameras. SLR cameras are only updated or slowly updated. Therefore, the SLR cameras that everyone can buy are already old models. There are many new products to choose from. In the second half of the year, the new cameras to be updated by major brands will also take Mirrorless as the absolute main force, which is full of highlights, so stay tuned.

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