High frame rate will not overheat within 1 hour? Sony A7SIII more parameters broke the news

   Overseas media recently got more news about the Sony A7SIII. I look forward to the early arrival on July 28 to see who is right.

High frame rate will not overheat within 1 hour? Sony A7SIII more parameters broke the news

  Revelation 1:

   Autofocus system It is almost the same as a7r4; the video recording button is now on the top of the camera, behind the shutter button; it supports 4KRAW output, but I don’t know if it supports 4K120fpsRAW output. Because the official version of the firmware has not been released, there is no chance to test the RAW output. Atomos is studying how to support the HDMI signal of a7sIII; the dynamic range of Sony’s test engineering machine is 15 stops, so it is guessed that its dynamic range in real life is 13-14 block.

  Revelation 2:

   Dial: From the camera’s rear panel, there is a video mode dial on the left side of the EVF, and a photo mode dial on the right side of the EVF. The position of the exposure compensation dial remains unchanged; the screen can use the touch function when browsing the menu; two USB-C, one MicroHDMI, and no flash sync interface.

   Breaking the news 3:

   It’s a pity that 4K will have a small cut, similar to A7S2; in addition, only 4K 60P will be a 10bit 4:2:2 internal recording.

  Revelation 4:

   claims that under the highest frame rate video mode shooting, there will be no overheating problems for at least 1 hour.

   Breaking News 5:

   Confirm 4K60P 10bit 4:2:2 recording; confirm 4K60P10bit no recording time limit; confirm 180fps1080p video shooting under automatic focus; down sampled from 4K 1080p, making it the best-quality 1080p ever; the new codec is similar to FX9; there is no 6K.

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