hold on! Fuji X-T3 new firmware will introduce a lot of new features

   Earlier this year, Fuji introduced a new firmware version 3.20 for the X-T3. The new firmware improved the camera’s autofocus and other aspects. And this week Fuji will also release its new generation of flagship micro-single, X-T3’s successor model X-T4. Recently, foreign media reported that Fuji will provide an updated version of the X-T3 firmware before the end of the summer, and this version of the firmware is said to bring a lot of new features to the X-T3.

hold on! Fuji X-T3 new firmware will introduce a lot of new features

  Fuji X-T3

  Currently, the update content of the new X-T3 firmware expected by foreign media will include digital image stabilization, which will first appear in X-Pro3 ClassicNeg. Classic negative film simulation and the new ETERNABLEACHBYPASS film simulation that will be carried on this X-T4. In addition, it also includes the auto focus range limiter, sharpness adjustment and handheld HDR function, and the refresh rate of the electronic viewfinder will also be increased to 240fps.

  Editor’s point of view

   Earlier in the comment area, I noticed that some users discussed issues related to the X-T3 firmware. Obviously, the new firmware coming this time is quite conscientious. It’s a pity that we still need to wait for a while, and the specific update content is currently not fully determined, so let’s look forward to it.

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