How to set up your Sony camera to take good photos?

   Many people will suggest that Sony’s menu content is too subdivided and difficult to find. In fact, as long as you know how to set the menu cheats, your shooting efficiency will be greatly improved.

  一, fn key, set custom menu and favorites menu

   Sony’s menu is very detailed, with rich function settings, but if you need to enter the main menu every time you adjust Menu selection is not efficient, so you must know how to use fn, custom keys and favorite menus.

How to set up your Sony camera to take good photos?

  1, fn key

  fn key It is to simplify the menu key. The function settings for daily operations are all in the fn key, such as continuous shooting, focus selection, white balance, flash, exposure compensation, etc., you can use fn to enter the simplified menu bar, basically satisfying ordinary operations. But if you need a deeper and more direct selection, you can set the custom keys and favorite menus of c1, c2, c3 and c4.

How to set up your Sony camera to take good photos?

  2. Set c1, c2, c3 and reasonably according to personal habits Custom keys for c4.

  Because of the limited display of the main menu, one key can be used to enter the functions required by the habit, which can be achieved through the settings of c1, c2, c3 and c4. My habit is that c1 is set as a stored fixed parameter item, which can quickly switch to adapt to certain scenarios. C2 is set to zoom in and focus, which is convenient for combining with the peak focus application when using a manual lens, and it is also helpful to manually check the focus when shooting video. C3 is set to select the focus mode af-s, af-a, af-c, dmf and mf, which is convenient for different subjects to quickly switch the focus mode. C4 is set as the white balance option. I always use manual white balance to adjust the k value, so that I can accurately obtain the color style I need, especially when shooting stage parties, etc. The light changes greatly, and I need to quickly set the white balance to adapt to the environmental color temperature.

How to set up your Sony camera to take good photos?

  3, favorite menu

  当fn When neither the key nor the custom key can satisfy the precise control of the menu, it is very necessary to bookmark the menu bar. The favorite menu bar is equivalent to the personalized main menu. You can set the order and page of the menu functions according to your usage habits. It is completely self-service selection. After setting, you don’t need to enter the original main menu to turn pages and find it, one step is in place.

How to set up your Sony camera to take good photos?

   After completing the above settings, the personal menu system is completed.

  Second, Sony’s most reliable focus setting

   Each focus mode represents the best application for a certain scene, but it is impossible to focus on the key It is necessary to adjust the focus mode instantly and set the optimal focus mode combination for regular applications. Sony’s focus mode combination consists of focus mode + focus area + special mode. The focus modes are af-s, af-a, af-c, dmf, and mf, and the focus area includes wide area, zone, middle, free spot, extended free spot, and tracking-extended free spot. According to actual combat experience, the focus mode is selected af-c, and the focus area is selected to expand the free point. This combination of focus is the most reliable. If shooting dynamic sports photos, the focus area can be selected to track-expand the free point. In addition, people who shoot portraits can add face or eye focus.

How to set up your Sony camera to take good photos?How to set up your Sony camera to take good photos?How to set up your Sony camera to take good photos?How to set up your Sony camera to take good photos?

  3. Setting of dial and iso

   Aperture, shutter and iso form a digital camera The exposure combination. In low-light shooting, when the safe shutter speed cannot be obtained when the maximum aperture is set to the maximum aperture, the available shutter speed can be obtained by adjusting the iso. However, whether it is entering the fn key setting or has been set as a custom key, adjusting the iso requires two steps of 1 + adjustment parameters, which is actually relatively inefficient. When the turntable is set to adjust the iso, you only need to turn the turntable to adjust the iso, which is very convenient.

How to set up your Sony camera to take good photos?How to set up your Sony camera to take good photos?

   In addition, when the aperture and shutter need to be unchanged, the iso can be set to auto iso, then the iso value will change with the actual ambient light auto-adjust.

  4. Raw and jpg, uncompressed and compressed

  1, raw and jpg

  raw format is a must for professional photographers, raw It is not a photo format, but a data packet, which is applied to the retouching software through decoding, which is conducive to the width and depth of post-processing. For example, some extreme dark and bright parts can be found through post-processing in raw format. Back to details, in addition, the raw format is more conducive to getting more accurate values ​​when adjusting the white balance color temperature later. And jpg is a picture format. Although the camera is straight out, the color management settings of the camera have been applied, which is equivalent to the reversal film in the film era. The space for post-processing is very small, especially for color processing.

   So, should I choose raw or jpg when shooting?

   For daily shooting, jpg is recommended. If extreme environments are involved, raw is suitable. Because raw files are large, it will put pressure on storage and post-processing, especially if batch processing is required later. Yes, it has higher requirements for computer performance. Therefore, it is not recommended to set raw mode to shoot without special environment.

   In addition, if you are a professional photographer, you can choose the raw+jpg format to shoot in order to save the backup after shooting and submit the original film to the customer without conversion.

How to set up your Sony camera to take good photos?

  2, uncompressed and compressed

  Sony’s early micro-single only has compressed options, and now the 3rd and 4th generation machines have uncompressed and compressed options. According to our experience, 99.9% of the cases are suitable for compressed, the same as above, in order to reduce the pressure of storage and later calculation, it is recommended to select compressed.

How to set up your Sony camera to take good photos?

  V. Live view display settings

  The real-time view display setting is conducive for us to obtain the WYSIWYG effect through lcd and evf, so under normal circumstances, the state is set to “on”, but in two cases it needs to be set to “off”: one is low light or dark The real-time view is caused by the real parameters of the camera. It is impossible to fully observe the actual environment. In extreme cases, it is impossible to complete the shooting. Second, when the flash is used in the studio, the modeling light is mostly weak, and the indoor light cannot meet the actual requirements Observe that the camera parameter set is the instantaneous exposure value when the flash is triggered, mostly with small aperture and low shutter.

   At this time, as long as the live view display is set to “off”, the camera’s LCD and evf display effects will be brightened, but it is only a simulation effect, and will not change the exposure shutter and other parameters set by the camera, which is convenient for observation and shooting .

How to set up your Sony camera to take good photos?


  To sum up, There are many subdivisions in the menu of Sony cameras, but everyone’s usage habits and shooting directions are different. Using the above five points to set your personalized menu will allow you to quickly operate the camera and improve the efficiency of photography.

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