How to shoot creative flowers

   flowers, most of them have a beautiful appearance and a charming fragrance, which can please our mood. And shooting flowers is also a subject that many photographers like. Especially in the blooming spring season, various flowers combined with landscapes, figures, buildings, etc. can create unique photography works. Next, I want to talk to you about how to shoot flowers with a richer creative experience, so that the audience can see different effects.

  1. Seek a breakthrough in the on-site environment

   Make the photographed flowers more creative. This requires a breakthrough, and this breakthrough must first get rid of the flower’s own charm and let it interact with the environment , And better combine with ligands to form distinct emotional characteristics. Let the audience read more of the deep meaning of the photos while watching, this is the basis of our creativity.

How to shoot creative flowers

  Picture from dawid zawila

   The above picture uses the relationship between movement and stillness to show the action of blowing dandelions in the air to the fullest, and then with the help of the setting sun to warm the tone of the whole work, forming a very sad The atmosphere, and the effect of backlighting weakens the color of the subject itself, highlighting the shape of the subject.

  The psychological hints of circle and absence, and the visual experience of combining movement and static, make the audience more associations when reading. This is the effect of creative shooting. Get rid of the inherent thinking of original things and add a new storyline.

  Second, create a new storyline

   Speaking of storylines, you can also create rich changes when shooting flowers. Use the picked flowers to reorganize the composition elements and add specific environmental elements to form a new storyline.

How to shoot creative flowers

  Picture from ika dam

How to shoot creative flowers

  Picture from monika grabkowska

   See the picture above, the flowers are recombined in two similar ways. With the help of the added ligand element cloth bag and wooden sign, the beautiful characteristics of the flowers are combined with a “new story”, forming a new story. The same effect. This method is also the most used way of creative flower photography.

  3. Changing the flower’s own form

   The next method of changing the form of the flower is relatively simple. Changing the form of flowers is to let the audience see different effects through close-up techniques, and to show the details of the flowers through enlarged parts, which is also one of the creative flower shooting methods.

How to shoot creative flowers

  Picture from joanna kosinska

   The high-profile performance of the picture above brings us a purer visual experience. Reusing the small depth of field can well express the details that are difficult to find with the naked eye, which allows the flowers to interpret the microscopic beauty. At the same time, the effect of the tone also gives the work a clear psychological inclination, which also changes the beauty of the flower itself and allows us to see a different creative effect.

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