Investigation says there is a big market for new crown conspiracy theories

  Original title: The survey said there is a huge market for new crown conspiracy theories, and the old Republicans in the United States prefer fake news

Investigation says there is a big market for new crown conspiracy theories Trump recently hinted that US hospitals “made up” new crown death data for money. Image source: Visual China

   As the cumulative number of new coronavirus infections exceeds 43 million, and the number of deaths exceeds 1.15 million, a British-led survey found that there are still many victims worldwide. The interviewer firmly believes that the new crown pneumonia is a deliberately created pandemic, and the number of deaths is much smaller than reported in the media, and it may not even exist.

  Similarly, US President Trump recently stated that the deteriorating epidemic in the United States is a “fake news media conspiracy” and that US hospitals Deliberately exaggerated the new crown death data.

   A survey of about 26,000 people in 25 countries conducted by YouGov and the Cambridge Globalism Project found that the death rate of the new crown has been exaggerated and is the most popular Wide conspiracy theory. Regarding the data compiled by Johns Hopkins University that the number of deaths in the world exceeds one million, nearly 60% of respondents in Nigeria believe that the data is exaggerated, and another 38% of Americans, 36% of Hungarians, and 30% of Italians And 28% of Germans feel the same.

   This survey conducted in July and August also found that there are many fake news that believe that 5G mobile communication technology is the culprit in the spread of COVID-19 supporter. This statement was recognized by more than one-fifth of the respondents in countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and South Africa.

   University of Bristol cognitive psychologist Stephen Lewandowski told The Guardian that any terrible incident that deprives people of a sense of control , Such as pandemics, mass shootings, etc., will lead to the proliferation of conspiracy theories. “They can give people a kind of psychological comfort, a feeling of not being dominated by randomness. This is dangerous at any time, and during the epidemic, if conspiracy theories cause people to ignore official recommendations or commit sabotage or violence, they will More dangerous.”

   Researchers from Northeastern University, Harvard University, Rutgers University, and Northwestern University also issued similar reports. After analyzing nearly 30 million COVID-19-related tweets from more than 500,000 registered U.S. voters from January 1 to September 30, 2020, the report found that older voters generally shared more news and also Forwarded more news from fake news websites.

   The report stated that Republicans over 65 are most likely to share news about COVID-19 from false and misleading websites. The far-right website The Gateway Popdit is the most shared misleading website.

   But compared with younger voters, older voters seem to be less convinced of what they repost. The team’s previous research found that, regardless of any political orientation, compared with older people, young people are more likely to believe 1 out of 11 false information about new coronary pneumonia.

   US President Trump is also a proponent of the conspiracy theory that the epidemic is exaggerated. He believes that the media exaggerated the severity of the epidemic before the election to prevent him from being re-elected.

   In a tweet on Monday, local time, Trump said: “The rise in cases is because of our testing, testing, and testing. Fake news media conspiracy Discussion. Many young people recover quickly, 99.9%. Corrupt media conspiracy has been high. Starting November 4, the topic will be completely changed. Vote!”

  According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the percentage of positive tests for COVID-19 in the United States has risen from about 5.2% last week to 6.2%. Last week, an average of 68,000 new infections were added every day in the United States, which was the highest average for seven days since record.

   is different from Trump’s emphasis on the rapid recovery of most young patients. According to the Associated Press, the number of new coronavirus deaths in the United States is increasing every day There is an upward trend. In the past two weeks, the nation’s average number of deaths per day has increased by 10%. The number of deaths rose in 34 states, and the number of new infections rose in 47 states. On Monday this week, a total of 42,000 new crown patients in the United States were hospitalized, gradually rising to the peak during the epidemic.

   At a rally held in Wisconsin last Saturday, Trump also proposed that US hospitals intend to fabricate and exaggerate data on deaths from the new crown in order to allow hospitals Seek more money with doctors. This seems to cater to the findings of the British survey, that is, the conspiracy theory that the number of deaths is exaggerated has the widest reach.

  In this regard, the American Medical Association and American Academy of Emergency Physicians quickly issued a statement to refute it. Craig Spencer, director of global health for emergency medicine at Columbia University Medical Center, also wrote: “For medical staff, during the pandemic, there is a president who constantly fights against us instead of working with us. It really makes people Exhausted.”

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