K-mount welcome lens Pentax releases FA 85mmF1.4 lens

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   Recently, Pentax officially released the HDPENTAX-DFA★85mmF1.4EDSDMAW lens. Considering the further development of SLR cameras in the future, when designing this lens, Pentax compensates for various aberrations to the minimum while greatly improving the image power-these two factors are absolutely indispensable in the next ★ series of lenses. Less. Even when the aperture is fully opened, it can provide extremely high imaging performance, beautiful blur effects and excellent image performance when shooting at close range-all these are the reasons it can produce high-quality, clear images. It also has a large aperture of F1.4, which can be used for a variety of different shooting objects, including portrait photography, handheld shooting of indoor scenes and landscape photography. It can help the camera shoot bright and clear viewfinder images, and stimulate the creativity and imagination of the photographer.

K-mount welcome lens Pentax releases FA 85mmF1.4 lens

   Pentax HDPENTAX- DFA★85mmF1.4EDSDMAW lens

   This lens uses three SuperED glass optical elements to effectively minimize chromatic aberration, and uses glass molded aspheric optical elements to effectively compensate for spherical and coma aberrations , Even when the aperture is fully open, it can provide ultra-clear, high-contrast images with extremely high sharpness. At a focusing distance of 4 meters, it can also reduce distortion to almost zero. In the entire focusing range, from the minimum focusing distance to infinity, it can provide clear, distortion-free images. This lens also uses a high-end multi-layer HD coating, which can reduce the average reflectance in the visible light spectrum to less than 50% of the traditional multi-layer coating. Even under harsh lighting conditions such as backlighting, it can effectively reduce Glare and ghosting are minimized.

K-mount welcome lens Pentax releases FA 85mmF1.4 lens

   As an AW model lens, this lens uses a reliable Dust-proof and weather-resistant structure, 8 special sealing rings prevent water intrusion into the lens barrel. When paired with the dust-proof and weather-resistant PENTAX digital SLR camera body, it can perform well in harsh shooting environments even in rainy, foggy, or places prone to splashing or spraying water.

K-mount welcome lens Pentax releases FA 85mmF1.4 lens

   In order to focus on the entire focus range from the minimum focus distance to infinity Provides the highest image quality inside. This lens uses a specially designed large ring-shaped SDM to effectively drive the focusing mechanism. The mechanism consists of more optical elements than ordinary lenses, and the heavy rear optical element group needs to be moved in unison. The torque generated by this new SDM is approximately 1.3 times that of HDPENTAX-DFA★50mmF1.4SDMAW, ensuring precise operation of high-speed autofocus.

K-mount welcome lens Pentax releases FA 85mmF1.4 lens

  Other features

   nine rounds Aperture, under the F2.8 aperture setting, it can produce natural and beautiful blur effect while minimizing the stray light of the point light source.

   The design adopts a focus ring that is convenient for manual focusing. Operation, and provides a firm grip

   uses an electromagnetic aperture design to achieve high-precision exposure control during video recording

  SP coating to maintain the front of the lens The lens set will not be affected by dust.

  Editorial views

   Pentax seems to have always been a relatively niche existence in the entire imaging circle, but what you can’t deny is that Pentax has indeed left many photography enthusiasts I was deeply impressed, such as the very classic “Three Princess” series of lenses. Today, the official star series lens is said to be the main high-quality performance, and now we are looking forward to the image quality performance and specific price of this lens.

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