Large zoom travel head Canon RF24-300mm lens patent exposure

   Among the current Canon RF mount lenses, there is already an RF24-240mmF4-6.3ISUSM, which has covered most of the commonly used focal lengths. But what if you think the telephoto end is not enough? Foreign media recently exposed the patent of Canon’s RF24-300mmF4-5.6 lens. Generally speaking, Canon’s patents will be transformed into official products within one to two years, and foreign media claim that this lens may arrive in 2022.

Large zoom travel head Canon RF24-300mm lens patent exposure

  Canon RF24- 300mmF4-5.6 lens patent

  The patent number of this lens is JP2019-219679, and the patent issuance date is December 16, 2019. The specific specifications are as follows

   zoom ratio: 11.77

   focal length: 24.72-90.83-290.86mm

  F value: 4.12-5.00-5.88

   half angle of view: 41.19-13.40-4.25

  Image height: 21.64-21.64-21.64mm

  Lens length: 165.57-210.57-255.57mm

  Editor’s point At the focal end and the lens aperture is relatively larger, we also expect this lens patent to be transformed into a formal product.

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