Make shooting sports more artistic

   In the previous article, we introduced you the shooting methods and procedures of documentary sports photography. I believe everyone has a certain understanding of sports photography. Today we will introduce some sports photography shooting techniques that can form an artistic perception, targeting performance sports subjects that are easier to control time and place, or sports pictures that are often seen in daily life.

  follow shooting

   In the documentary shooting of sports themes, we recommend that you try to use high-speed shutter and continuous shooting to capture sports Wonderful moments of the scene. In fact, by following the shooting method can also bring dynamic picture effects, but also can effectively enhance the artistic effect of the photo. Follow-up shooting can highlight the dynamics of the picture through a blurred background and a clear subject, while the background presents a dynamic blur with obvious directionality, effectively highlighting the subject. The motion trajectory of the picture greatly enhances the dynamics of the subject and highlights the artistic effect of the picture.

Make shooting sports more artisticImage from Max Bender

  Follow shooting is to move the lens according to the moving subject, track the subject with the lens, and keep the subject at the same position on the screen during the exposure process. The subject and the lens are relatively static, while the background and the lens will move. At a lower shutter speed, the background will naturally become a blurred trajectory, and the subject will appear clear. Motion blur into a film depends largely on the photographer’s skillful operation. When shooting, the shutter speed is too slow or too fast will affect. The photographer can use the shutter priority mode. For the first time, you can consider moving the lens at different speeds from 1/60 second to observe the background blur to gain experience. After getting used to this operation step, the photographer can gradually reduce the shooting speed . At the beginning, you can choose sports subjects that move slower and whose trajectories are easier to predict, such as race walking. Since the shutter speed is very slow and the feet of the race walker are constantly moving, the photo can keep the subject’s head and torso clear for shooting purposes.

Make shooting sports more artistic

   picture from Kaur Kristjan

   multiple exposure

   we can also use the theme of sports Use the multiple exposure function built into Nikon cameras to create. People shot in this environment are mostly in the form of posing. The reason why athletes are chosen as the subject is that, on the one hand, sports poses are more dynamic, which makes it easy to highlight the creative intention of the picture and enhance the artistic effect. On the other hand, sports images are highly acceptable to the public, which can lower the threshold for reading images and allow viewers to pay more attention to the artistic expression of the shots.

Make shooting sports more artistic

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  We can choose a good-quality camera like the Nikon D850 for multiple exposure stacking shooting. The D850 can now save related photos in this mode, so you can use a single image for other purposes. During the shooting, each image and the overlapping images created can be confirmed. In addition, the camera allows you to select a photo to be saved in the memory card in RAW format to be used as the first image of the overlap. Now also provides brighten overlap and darken overlap modes. Abundant multiple exposure settings can liberate our shooting methods and make shooting ideas more colorful.

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