Mirrorless camera sales ranking in July, Sony lost to Canon

  According to the announcement of the Japanese website BCN, the sales ranking of mirrorless cameras in Japan in July has been freshly released. The overall list this time has not changed greatly from June, but there are still many surprises in the subtleties. Not surprisingly, the first place is still Canon, again placing Sony in second place, but the gap between the two is already very small.

Sales comparison from May 6 to July 225 Sales comparison from 6th to 22nd July

   The picture above shows the changes in the sales of mirrorless cameras in Japan from May 6th to July 22nd. The red line represents Canon and the green line represents Sony. , The purple line represents Olympus. As you can see from the picture, Canon’s sales in May and June were very good, and it beat Sony and Olympus brands. Sony has also been second in the district during this time.

   However, since mid-June, Sony’s gains have been very fierce, and at the end of June it successfully surpassed Canon and ranked first in sales. Although Canon surpassed Sony once, Sony’s The rally is still very clear. After July 15th, Olympus sales in Japan began to gradually surpass Canon. In the week of July 22, Sony took the first place, Olympus second, and Canon third. Of course, these are the top sales of mirrorless cameras in Japan.

July Japan’s Mirrorless Sales Ranking July Mirrorless sales ranking in Japan

   Next, let’s take a look at the rankings and reiterate that this is the ranking of mirrorless sales in Japan in July. From the ranking point of view, Canon has two cameras on the list, Sony has three cameras on the list, Olympus has three cameras on the list, Nikon has one camera on the list, and Panasonic has one camera on the list. Unlike before, Nikon is finally on the list.

Canon EOSM50 has maintained the number one sales volume for several months Canon EOSM50 has been the number one in sales for several months

   Canon EOSM50 is undoubtedly the number one, and has maintained the record of number one in sales for several months. This time it has a share of 13.7%. The second place is still Sony A6400, with a share of 12.9%, which is very close to the first place. The third place is still Olympus PENE-PL9, and the fourth place is still Canon EOSM100. It can be seen that the ranking of the top four in the list in July and June has not changed.

Nikon 1J5 can actually be on the list, still in fifth place Nikon 1J5 is actually on the list, and it is still in fifth place

  , which is very strange, because Nikon 1J5 was a model that was discontinued in July 2018, and this camera was released in April 2015. I don’t know if I can take the fifth place on the list this time, is it clearing the inventory or is there any special reason, is it that the rumored Nikon APS-C format micro-order is about to be good? So Japanese distributors are starting to clear their inventory?

Sony A7III is still the only full-frame micro-single on the list Sony A7III is still the only full-frame mirrorless camera on the list

   eighth. The only full-frame mirrorless camera on the list ranked seventh in sales in June. It is the Sony A7III. Although this camera is priced at RMB 12,999, it still has a very high reputation since its launch, so it is normal for the sales to be very good. Sony must have made a lot of profits with this camera.

Japanese netizens are very fond of OlympusJapanese netizens are right Olympus loves

   Other cameras are almost the same as the June list. Japanese netizens still favor Olympus and Panasonic. Olympus, in particular, is already a relatively small brand in China, but in Japan there are actually three cameras in the top ten on the list, which fully proves the trust of Japanese netizens in Olympus.

   Next, Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Fuji, Leica and other brands are planning their own new camera products, especially in the autumn conference of major brands in September, there will be very Many major product releases. After all, next year is the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Naturally, many flagship models and Olympic models will meet with consumers one after another. The four-year imaging year is coming soon. This time, various brands of toothpaste seem to be squeezed a lot at once, so stay tuned.

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