More than 700 economists strongly oppose Trump’s reelection

More than 700 economists strongly oppose Trump's reelection

   includes 7 Nobel Prize winners More than 700 economists, among others, issued an urgent warning about Trump’s re-election, saying that Trump’s re-election was a “continuous attack” on democracy, a misreaction to the epidemic and the spread of “dangerous misinformation”.

   The two economists wrote in an open letter: “Trump has made the United States unrecognizable in just one term of office, and he did not bear any consequences for it.” This open letter will be published in It has been updated until the general election on November 3.

   This letter was signed by famous economists, including Nobel Prize winners Paul Milgrom, Oliver Hart and Alvin Rose. The husband of former Fed Chairman Yellen and Nobel Prize winner George Akerlov also signed the letter.

   “For these reasons, we strongly recommend that voters: vote to let Trump step down in order to regain democracy.” Two economists wrote.

   In response, the Trump campaign pointed out that this letter made no mention of opponent Joe Biden.

   The Trump campaign’s Zag told the media: “These left-wing scholars are making unfounded warnings to President Trump, even what they think Joe Biden will do to benefit the US economy. I can’t say anything about it.”

   Trump claimed that he is a more favorable candidate for the recovery of the US economy. He pointed out that the US economy has recovered from a severe recession.

   “The economic recovery led by Biden is the slowest since the Great Depression. He intends to paralyze our country again in the process of rebuilding the economy,” Zag said. He was referring to the Great Recession that began before Obama was elected president in 2007.

   When Trump won the 2016 election, he took over a healthy economy and a stock market close to historical highs.

   In 2016, Trump had a similar situation, but these did not prevent him from successfully entering the White House. At the time, at least 790 economists urged Americans not to vote for Trump on the grounds that they were “extremely ignorant of economics and unable to listen to the opinions of credible experts.”

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