Multi-faceted upgrade Canon releases EOS 850D digital SLR camera

  Canon Co., Ltd. announced the launch of EOS850D, a new EOS digital SLR camera. EOS850D is equipped with a Canon 1CMOS image sensor with approximately 24.1 million effective pixels and a high-performance DIGIC8 digital image processor, maintaining Canon’s consistent high image quality level. At the same time, the EOS850D’s optical viewfinder is equipped with EOSiTRAF, which was previously equipped with high-end EOS models. It also expands the focus area of ​​full-pixel dual-core CMOSAF during live view, and supports multiple functions such as eye detection autofocus, which improves focusing performance in multiple directions. Moreover, EOS850D also adds the AF-ON button and quick control dial that are only available in mid-to-high-end models, bringing more efficient and comfortable operating experience. In addition, the machine also supports 4KEOS movies, 4K time-lapse movies, HDR movie shooting and a variety of wireless transmission methods, allowing users to easily create, save and share images.

Multi-faceted upgrade Canon releases EOS 850D digital SLR camera

  Canon EOS850D

   Further improve the focus performance during optical framing

   When using the optical viewfinder to shoot, there is no time lag between the movement of the subject and the capture moment, which is a lot of users One of the reasons why I chose to create with a SLR camera. When shooting with an optical viewfinder, EOS850D can achieve high-speed and precise focusing with its autofocus system. The system can support up to 45 cross-type AF points, with a wide range of focus points and high density, enabling accurate capture even when facing fast-moving and small-sized subjects. This 45-point autofocus system can support up to 27 points to support F8 aperture, even if you use a teleconverter with a lens to shoot, it can achieve autofocus in most cases.

  Thanks to the application of the new approximately 220,000-point RGB+ infrared metering sensor, EOS850D has been given the face recognition function and the focus performance has been greatly improved. This machine is equipped with the EOSiTRAF function that was only available in the previous high-end EOS models. When shooting with an optical viewfinder, the machine supports face recognition, and continues to track and focus after recognizing the face of a person. It is suitable for shooting running children and other sports. Photo subject. When shooting images that are close to the background color or the skin color of the human face, the camera can still accurately identify and lock the focus on the human face, reducing the occurrence of people out of focus, thus taking clear and real human photos.

Multi-faceted upgrade Canon releases EOS 850D digital SLR camera

  Canon EOS850D

  ”full-pixel dual-core CMOSAF” live view mode supports high-speed, precise focus

   when shooting dynamic subjects in live view mode, the auto focus frame display delay It will affect the timing of shutter release, making it difficult for users to capture the moment they need in time. For this reason, the auto focus frame display performance of EOS850D strengthens the synchronization between the actual movement of the subject and the display of the focus frame. The focus frame can follow the movement of the subject basically without delay, allowing the photographer to release the shutter at the moment they need to take a photo. Take accurate shots.

   In the live view mode, EOS850D applies full-pixel dual-core CMOSAF technology, the auto focus area can cover a wide range of about 100% x 88% of the image sensor, allowing users to be in a wide auto focus area Free composition. When the user manually selects the focus position, the number of selectable AF points can reach up to 3,975; and in the camera auto-select focus position mode, it can automatically select from a maximum of 143 focus frames according to the subject position, providing for shooting Greater freedom of composition.

   The newly added eye detection autofocus function of EOS850D supports single auto focus and servo focus mode, which can detect and focus on the subject’s pupil, which is suitable for portrait shooting that requires high precision focusing. At the same time, EOS850D also supports artificial intelligence auto focus in the scene intelligent auto shooting mode. The camera can automatically switch the focus mode between single auto focus and servo auto focus according to the shooting scene, further simplifying the operation, reducing the difficulty of shooting, and improving the success rate of shooting .

   high-performance DIGIC8 digital image processor, and CMOS image sensor deduces high-definition picture quality

   EOS850D is equipped with an APS-C size CMOS image sensor with approximately 24.1 million effective pixels. It can achieve high image quality that is difficult to achieve with smart phones and compact digital cameras. Canon CMOS image sensor combined with Canon DIGIC8 digital image processor provides the camera with satisfactory high sensitivity performance. EOS850D has a normal sensitivity range of ISO100-25600, and can be extended to ISO51200. It can take clear and high-quality pictures even in low-light night scenes or dim indoor shooting.

   With the powerful data processing capabilities of the DIGIC8 digital image processor, the EOS850D’s highest continuous shooting speed can reach about 7 frames per second and 7.5 frames per second respectively, which can calmly deal with fast-moving subjects such as children and pets in daily life Shooting. At the same time, EOS850D can perform better automatic brightness optimization on still images, making the pictures show a richer level of transition, suitable for shooting sunrise and sunset scenes that require delicate levels of performance.

   continues the classic design and provides more flexible operation

Multi-faceted upgrade Canon releases EOS 850D digital SLR camera

  Canon EOS850D

   Compared with previous models, EOS850D is more flexible in operation. A new AF-ON button used on mid-to-high-end models has been added to the back of the fuselage, and a quick-control dial that has been well received by users has been added to the back of the camera, allowing users to focus on viewing through the optical viewfinder. Adjust shooting parameters efficiently.

  4K ultra-high-definition movie shooting, recording a good life

   EOS850D supports shooting high-quality 4K ultra-high-definition movies, bringing the photographer a sense of being on the scene. 4K movie shooting adopts contrast focusing method, which supports shooting at 23.98p and 25p. In addition, the camera also supports 4K frame capture function, users can directly operate through the camera, easily capture still photos from 4K short movies, and record important moments around them in two ways: short movies and still images. At the same time, the popular 4K time-lapse movies, HDR movies and other functions are all realized on EOS850D.

  Enjoy wireless transmission and automatic backup

  EOS850D has built-in Wi-Fi function and supports Bluetooth low energy technology. It can be wirelessly connected with smart phones, computers and other devices, easily Expand the fun of photography. This machine can automatically transfer photos during shooting to a smart phone, which significantly simplifies the tedious process of manual transfer in the past; images can also be transferred to a paired computer for backup after shooting. Not only that, through the Canon image upload function, users can also transfer the images in the camera to Baidu Netdisk or share to Sina Weibo via Wi-Fi.

  Editorial view

   Canon EOS850D is expected to meet with consumers in April this year, and I believe it will be a very competitive choice among entry-level SLRs.

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