New autofocus Polaroid camera designed for the moment

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   In 2008, Polaroid announced the discontinuation of all primary imaging cameras. Just after the company went bankrupt, its fans launched “TheImpossible Project”, which saved the Netherlands. , The last Polaroid factory in the world, until 2017, TheImpossibleProject bought the Polaroid copyright under the brand new name “PolaroidOriginals”. In March of this year, Polaroid Originals will return to the public eye with Polaroid.

New autofocus Polaroid camera designed for the moment

  Now camera series have five color versions with classic black and White camera. Polaroid CEO Oskar Smolokowski said: “In the 1970s, Polaroid introduced the eye-catching full rainbow color spectrum into our product line, rewriting the rules of brand promotion; today, this initiative is still affecting many legendary brands. New A decade marks a new chapter in Polaroid’s story. Now is the moment for us to celebrate this precious legacy while setting our sights on the future. The new logo in 2020 reflects this, and we bravely restore the color spectrum to the unique Polaroid logo “

New autofocus Polaroid camera designed for the moment

   is different from the previous products OneStep2 and OneStep+ cameras , The lens of the new real-time imaging camera can automatically switch between the telephoto and portrait modes, making every shot more accurate. An outstanding feature of this camera is its accurate flash, which fully refers to the lighting conditions, and can obtain satisfactory results in low light intensity environments, even without using flash. In addition, the ample power for shooting about 15 boxes of film allows PolaroidNow to have a long battery life.

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   Now that the film style is popular, Polaroid has launched a new generation of machines. The fast focusing camera also makes shooting easier.

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