New firmware for Leica Q2 cameras improves focus performance

   Recently, Leica released the 2.0 version upgrade firmware of Leica Q2 camera. This new firmware mainly improves the DNG picture writing speed, autofocus performance, and adds 60fps or 120fps electronic viewfinder frame rate switching options. The Leica Q2 is a 47.3-megapixel full-frame mirrorless camera. It was released in early March 2019. The price at the time of release was close to 40,000 yuan.

New firmware for Leica Q2 cameras improves focus performance

  The new firmware upgrade mainly makes the following changes:

  The size of the auto focus area can be selected: when the touch screen auto focus is turned on, you can press and hold the camera display to display 3 types of auto focus area sizes

   DNG writing speed increase: DNG and DNG+ The writing speed of JPG format is increased by 2 times.

   delete user configuration: user can delete personal configuration.

   Touch screen auto focus + shutter release: Touch screen auto focus + shutter release operation can be performed in all auto focus modes.

   Added a new status menu for photography and video: Preferences, shortcut operations and camera modes can be fully displayed through the touch screen. Activate or deactivate the video mode through the status display.

  Video exposure parameters: increase the function selection of video shooting files, and can switch between PASM modes through the aperture and shutter dial.

  Auto ISO adjustment: Auto ISO adjustment to correct exposure priority.

  Manual focus adjustment: In manual focus mode, the preset auto focus frame will be displayed and can be zoomed in. The frame can be moved by the arrow keys. In the multi-area auto focus mode: the marquee will be enlarged in the center, and the area will always be locked before the camera is turned off.

   Face recognition adjustment: If the camera fails to recognize the face, the auto focus mode will be adjusted to single-point auto focus instead of multi-area auto focus.

  Leica FOTOS transfer speed: The speed of downloading photos from Leica Q2 through Leica FOTOS can be increased by up to 50%.

   Variable EVF frame rate: Added a menu option, you can choose between 60fps or 120fps. For fast-moving subjects, please set 120fps to show the movement more smoothly, or choose 60fps for full resolution.

   focus lock/exposure lock function is added to the zoom button: auto focus and auto exposure lock function allow you to lock the focus and exposure separately to facilitate composition.

   Tracking AF performance improvement: Improve the accuracy and performance of tracking AF.

  EVF touch: You can use the touch screen function in EVF mode.

New firmware for Leica Q2 cameras improves focus performance

  The performance of Leica Q2 is better than the previous generation model More comprehensive, the pixels, video capabilities, shutter speed and sensitivity range have been greatly upgraded. The 47 million-level pixels, 4K 30P + full HD 120P video specifications are very eye-catching, this should be the most powerful full-frame portable camera currently. The release of new firmware makes the camera’s focusing performance more powerful, which is a better experience for photographers.

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