Nidec plans to occupy 40% market share of electric vehicle motors by 2030

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  【 TechWeb] On October 27th, according to foreign media reports, Nidec Chairman Shigenobu Nagami said recently that he plans to occupy 40 to 45% of the global market share of electric vehicle motors by 2030, equivalent to 10 million electric vehicles. The scale used.

Japan Nidec Nidec

   Nidec has previously stated that the company’s goal is to reach 35% of the global share of the drive motor market for electric vehicles by 2030. Nidec has raised its previously set market targets.

   Nidec predicts that the electric vehicle market will expand rapidly, driven by lower battery production costs.

   In June this year, Nidec announced that it would invest about 100 billion yen to build a factory in Dalian, China, and the R&D base will be located in the factory. In addition to drive motors for pure electric vehicles, the base will also develop motors for home appliances.

  Foreign media predicts that Nidec will hire about 1,000 new people, of which about 30 to 40% are responsible for the development of electric vehicle motors.

   Nidec has nearly 300 group companies in the world. It is a company that produces various small and large “A comprehensive motor and motor manufacturer that provides professional services.

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