Nikon D750 was released,media exposed some parameters of Nikon D750’s follow-up model

   Nikon D750 was released in September 2014. It is equipped with a 24.32 million effective pixel full-frame sensor and EXPEED4 image processor, and is equipped with Nikon Multi-CAM3500II autofocus module, which can provide 51 focus points. 15 are cross-shaped focus points. D750 has attracted many users with its excellent comprehensive performance. Recently, foreign media exposed some parameters of Nikon D750’s follow-up model.

Nikon D750 was released,media exposed some parameters of Nikon D750’s follow-up model

   exposed earlier Hypothetical picture of Nikon D750 successor model

   The successor model of Nikon D750 will not be called D760, it will have a higher model number. It is said that this machine is designated as “the merger of D700 series and D800 series”, which is expected to refer to the merger of functions and button positions. The following are the relevant parameters of Nikon D750 follow-up models.

   will be equipped with a 24 million pixel back-illuminated sensor

   The number of focus points will increase, or 105 focus points

   is higher than D850 Sensitivity

   supports 4K video recording, supports 1080P120P video recording

   Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

   No built-in flash, equipped with a touch screen

  Dual UHS-IISD card slot design

  The volume and weight are better than the cash D750

  The updated operation interface may be similar to the Z series mirrorless cameras

   In addition, foreign media also predict that this camera will be released in 2020, and may be unveiled in January to February 2020 at the earliest, but the specific release time has not yet been confirmed.

  Editor’s point of view

  As a SLR launched in 2014, although the Nikon D750 has good overall performance, it is time to upgrade with the development of imaging technology. Successor models have also upgraded their focus system and video functions. However, it should be noted that the earlier related information may change significantly in the later period, and we will continue to pay attention to this.

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