Nikon may release Z 20mm F1.8 S and Z 24-200mm lenses

   Today, we got news from foreign media that Nikon will launch two new Z mount lenses, they are Z 20mmF1.8S and Z 24-200mm. According to the news, these two lenses may be released together with the flagship SLR camera D6, and of course they may be released after the D6.

Nikon may release Z 20mm F1.8 S and Z 24-200mm lenses

  12 Nikon Z-mount mirrorless lenses under development:

  1, fixed focus Lens:

  50mm F1.2 S

  20mm F1.8 S

  2, compact fixed Focus lens:



  3. Macro lens:


  105mm S

  4, zoom lens:

  14-24mm F2.8 S

  24-105mm S

  100-400mm S



  DX 18 -140mm

   It can be seen that although there are many Nikon Z mount lenses on the market, they are still not rich enough for users, and Nikon is also vigorously developing and complementing the Z mount series , So that users who buy mirrorless cameras such as Z6 and Z7 can have more lens options in the future. Of course, you can use the adapter ring to adapt the F-mount lens of the SLR camera.

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