Nikon releases wireless remote controls WR-R11a and WR-R11b

   Nikon announced the launch of wireless remote controls WR-R11a and WR-R11b, which can realize remote shooting and radio control of Nikon camera wireless flash*.

   When WR-R11a or WR-R11b is connected to a Nikon camera, remote shooting and remote flash photography can be realized. Radio controlled wireless flash can also provide greater flexibility for the positioning of remote flash units. In addition, the remote control uses radio waves, so it can be used even when there are obstacles such as trees between the transmitter and receiver. Many functions can be operated remotely, including autofocus and continuous shooting by pressing the shutter release button halfway.

  WR-R11a and WR-R11b are suitable for needs Release remote shooting scenes with a short time lag, such as shooting in a studio and capturing moving subjects. These two wireless remote controls can also meet the expectations of landscape photographers and still-life photographers through remote flash shooting.

  As the successor to WR-10, WR-R11a and WR-R11b provide great support for the creative activities of photographers and creators.

  Nikon will continue to pursue new heights in optical performance while meeting user needs, expand the possibilities of imaging expression, and contribute to the development of imaging culture.

  *The radio-controlled wireless flash system controls the remote flash by radio waves sent by the wireless remote control connected to the camera.

  Main features

  •Short release time lag

  •Radio controlled wireless flash can also provide greater flexibility for positioning remote flash units

  •Using a hinge to improve durability, and no adapter is required when connecting through a ten-pin remote control terminal

  •Modify the specifications of the wire clip to protect the WR-R11b

   Market reference price:

   wireless remote control WR-R11a: 1,299 yuan

   wireless remote control WR-R11a +WR-T10 package: 1,699 yuan

  Wireless remote control WR-R11b: 1,299 yuan

  Wireless remote control WR-R11b+WR-T10 set: 1,699 yuan

  Plan to launch date:

   December 2020

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