Nikon’s flagship SLR D6 parameters revealed in February 2020

   On September 4 this year, Nikon officially announced that its flagship SLR D6 and AF-SNikkor120-300mmF2.8EFLEDSRVR zoom lens will be unveiled soon. Foreign media exposed part of the information about the rear lens. Recently, foreign media exposed information about Nikon’s flagship SLR D6. Although the D6 is a SLR camera, it will be equipped with many technologies derived from mirrorless cameras. D6 will be unveiled in February next year, or February 12th.

Nikon's flagship SLR D6 parameters revealed in February 2020

  Nikon D6

   exposed by foreign media The parameters of the Nikon D6 are as follows

  24 million pixel level full-frame sensor, the dynamic range will be enhanced;

   is equipped with anti-shake technology derived from the Z series mirrorless body, and performance Improved;

   supports 4K60fps video recording and RAW video recording;

   The performance of the focus system will be improved, but the number of focus points may not change;

  New dual Expeed image processor;

  Dual CFexpress card slot;

   Longer manual exposure time, or up to 120 seconds; Silent continuous shooting mode will also be Upgrade;

  With 0.76-0.78*100% field of view optical viewfinder, 3.2 million pixel touch screen;

  Built-in Wi-Fi;

   will be set in There are more customization options.

  Editorial views

   At the press conference on September 4, Nikon stated that “D6 will be the most advanced SLR camera so far.” Judging from the current news, we are indeed impressed. Whether it is the upgrade of the sensor or the addition of anti-shake, we are also looking forward to the performance of the D6 after its official debut.

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